iPhone Game Development

Gaming has always been an integral part of smart phones and a crucial factor that has lead to their popularity. There is no denying the fact that most users, use smartphones for more utilities other than communication, entertainment and productivity. With its fluidic UI elements, iPhone has always been a platform of choice for game enthusiasts.

Due to the fact that iOS is consumer centric platform, gaming has played an important role in its popularity. The platform also has additional features like high quality audio and video format support along with retina display technology, which enables iPhone game developers to create some visual adobes.

Studies have clearly indicated that iPhone users spend more time playing games as compared to their counterparts. In other words, the iPhone converts a larger slice of its users into game enthusiasts, and then convinces them to play more and more often. As more mobile users convert to smartphones, and iPhones being the most popular smartphone out there, it is highly viable that iOS gaming will further rise.

We at A-1 Technology have been continuously engaged in creating gaming solutions for a wide range of audience. Our designers, as well as games developers work closely and in a systematic matter to create a fully functional game. It includes:

  • Debugging and testing.
  • Implementing the logic.
  • Designing the environments.
  • Finalizing with the client.
  • Designing various characters.
  • Development of different levels.
  • Understanding the core story-play.
  • Launch and post launch maintenance.
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Over the last few years we have taken huge leaps forward in the gaming industry for mobiles. Our core team is made up of talented and creative people, which have wide experience in game development. It replenishes all the time with perspective game developers, programmers, flash designers, sound makers, which are willing to diversify the whole gaming ecosystem on iOS.

Our core competencies and aspiration to gain user attention by quality of developed games rather than quantity makes us an ideal choice for development of any form of game ranging from:

  • 3D Games
  • RPG Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Casual Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Action Games
  • Multiplayer Interactive Games
  • Sports and Simulation Games
  • Responsive Mobile Games

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