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Apple has been in the forefront of changing market dynamics with innovative products ever since its launch of first iPhone in 2007. Soon following that in 2010, was another revolutionary product from the Cupertino company, which many believe, paved the way to the decline in desktop computing. iPad took the technology industry by storm and over the years has turned up to be the ideal solution to mobile computing.

At A-1 Technology, we understand, how a product popularity can ensure wider reach for enterprises among its potential customer base. We have been creating ground breaking applications for iPhone as well as iPad for our globally present clients. Since 2010 we have been actively engaged in bringing exciting applications to iPad users by leveraging the features of iPad. Our dedicated developers as well as designers work in conjugation to create content rich applications. Having a fluidic UI with intuitive UX is very important in regards to the core functionality of iPad.

iOS has been always known for its fluidity and the applications that we develop adhere to that because of the stringent Apple regulations. Our proven methodology and overall development process is regulated, which results in high quality applications and games. Our programmers use all the features of iOS SDK (software development kit) along with objective C language, C#, Java and VB.NET which leads to impeccable iPad applications.

How will A-1 Technology help you in iPad Apps development:

  • Highly interactive and engaging entertainment applications like games, video messages etc.
  • Profitable and attractive E-commerce application like shopping carts etc.
  • Reliable Travel, Health, Lifestyle, weather, News related apps.
  • Innovative Business and internet apps.
  • iPad Push Notification apps with APNS.
  • Social Networking apps for all leading sies like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Dig etc.
  • Up-gradation of your existing apps to the latest version iPad
  • Business and Enterprise Mobility Solutions.
The launch of iPad revolutionized the way people saw mobile computing. Over the years it has led to the decline in the desktop computing as users are able to do much more with a small iPad on the go. When it comes to iPad application development, we have a distinctive advantage in the market.

Our immense expertise over OpenGL technology allows full 3D characters and environments with a quality often better than a portable gaming device. Over the years , We have developed software utilities with additional features to support web-based services on iPad.

We achieve our objectives by providing superior application development solutions to our clients in a fair, honest and transparent way. We keep them in loop of the development process at each and every step by taking their inputs to make the applications work around their business process.

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