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Apple has been known to change the paradigms of technology by continuously innovating with new devices. With the release of iPhone it totally revolutionized the smartphone industry. But it did not stop there, Apple also introduced the concept of mobile applications to the mainstream. The iPhone app store has seen a plethora of applications ever since its inception with the figure skyrocketing due to the popularity of the device. But it all changed with the inception of a new horizon of computing in the form of iPad.

It was designed to give a new meaning to mobile computing, which is evident from the fact that ever since the launch of iPad, there has been a substantial decrease in the market share of desktop computing. It is important to understand that the compatibility of iPhone and iPad applications needs to be considered as both although run on a same platform and different working mechanism.

We at A-1 technology understand the importance of seamless integration of a mobile application in the core workings of the platform. In order to achieve that, the iPad applications needs to be enhanced matching the core compatibility of iPad. Sometimes these applications are most-often newly created to make them iPad-compatible, thus giving it an absolutely different feel and usage.

Our developers as well as programmers have huge expertise over the System Development Kit (SDK) of both iPhone and iPad as well as objective C language to create native applications compatible for both. We combine this technical expertise and exquisite designing capabilities to make custom applications tailor made to the specifications of our client. Our proven methodology and robust development process ensures that the migration of these applications are true to the nature. We keep the overall feel of the application being migrated while enhancing the functional capabilities of the iPad and processing the comprehensive knowledge of the application structuring.

Our iPad application developers understand the technical tweaks that would be required to an iPhone application to make it work well on the iPad and utilize the unique features of the iPad. This gives the entire application an absolutely different feel and ensures that users find it a delight to use the application on a tablet.

Our main is not just to make an iPhone application compatible with iPad, but to optimize the application in such a way so that the over experience is enhanced. Our proficient iPhone app developers are highly efficient in carrying out the migration of the iPhone application to the iPad application with ease.

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