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Android being an open source platform has garnered a lot of support from developers who have been creating applications for the platform. Google Play store has seen a slew of applications over the years ranging from productivity to gaming to entertainment. Capitalizing on the fact that it is the most widely used mobile OS, developing for android has always been an easy task. Google also with its initiatives has provided with various developer tools to create seamless applications.
Earlier an android application developer used Android SDK (System Development Kit) along with Java as the programming language to create native android applications. But as the demand for more integration of other languages begin android launched an interesting project called Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A), which gave away the language restriction for developing an android application. With this initiative developers were able to build applications using any of their favorite scripting languages like Python, Perl, JavaScript, etc.
We at A-1 Technology have been creating seamless native android applications using various languages. Our developers and programmers have an expertise in various scripting languages allowing us to execute and edit scripts and interactive interpreters for any android application. With various APIs available to create a full fledged android application, it becomes very easy to utilize the full capabilities with a simplified interface that makes things done pretty easily.
Ever since android launched SL4A in 2009, we have been at forefront of capitalizing on the features of different languages to create android applications. Our developers are a part of various projects meat for:

  • Handle intents.
  • Scanning bar codes
  • Making phone calls
  • Send text messages.
  • Using Text to speech (TTS)
  • Polling location and sensor data
  • Starting activities
  • Use text-to-speech (TTS)

For many years now, our programmers have been using these scripting techniques that have helped in cross compilation of applications. With different APIs available for Python, Perl, Ruby, Shell with simplified interface, it becomes very easy to code an applications. These languages have far greater capabilities than Java and help utilize full capabilities of android framework. Using SL4A to our advantage along with our proven methodology in developing applications, we are able to bring creative ideas to reality.

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