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The era of still presentations is a talk of the past, as the demand for latest technology involving motion based data sharing surges up. Flash development in that aspect has played an important role in becoming an effective mode of content display. Android has been a vital platform for flash development with many games and applications using its capabilities in the form of banners. These flash applications portray a type of web application with moving and flashing content.
The developers at A-1 Technology have been using Flash and Flex 3 in a range of web and android applications. These Flex components are designed to work like any other components for Flex with familiar properties, styles, and events. They're fully documented, and each component comes with multiple examples that demonstrate its various uses. It brings in ingenuity and innovation in capturing attention for the audience with motion based images, text and video. Android flash development is an amalgamation of animation, sound and dynamic context that help in creating a lasting impression on the end-users through the medium of an app. We at A-1 Technology have been using flash technology to create web applications for Android for a long time. Using Action-script - the flash programming language, we have created powerful multimedia applications ranging from eye catching 2D animations to a full featured flash applications.
Over the years we have worked on different projects which involve basic presentation application displaying the profile and services of an organization and a customized animation including text, 3D rendering, video clips and image effects, all bundled in an application.
There are a lot of benefits of incorporating flash into your web application. Android devices come with fast processors and GPUs, which is why flash makes it an ideal choice to utilize its hardware acceleration capabilities. The native applications are always been considered to be optimal for any platform as it is able to utilize the software capabilities to the fullest. The methodology that we incorporate with the flash development enables us to put native device capabilities into the application like support for multi-touch, gestures, mobile input models, and Accelerometer input.
Viewing high quality video with little strain on the processing power is also possible with flash development by incorporating H.264 video encoding. Various video streaming applications using flash technology enhance the viewing experience of the users.
Our designers and developers understand the fact that users of android smartphones and tablets require rich content sharing, which is why we expand our options for high quality media delivery while developing web applications on flash.
A-1 Technology has been providing highly professional services for flash application development to its clients globally with a range of web applications. Our expertise in flash has helped us proffer complete solution for flash application development, including advanced services for flash banner, flash images and flash header.

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