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Gaming on Android has been very influential in boosting the platform to the top of the market. Due to the fact that Android is basically consumer-centric platform, gaming has played an important role in its popularity. Moreover there are a slew of high end devices with big screens and fast processors which make gaming on an Android device a pleasure. The platform also has additional features like high quality audio and video format support, which enables android game developers to create some visual adobes.
The android app market has a hug chunk of gaming applications as most of its revenue is generate from them. At A-1 Technology, our developers are well versed with WebGL technology which ensures that the output application is of high quality and the user experience is similar to that of a gaming console. With over a decade of expertise in creating gaming applications for mobile platforms, our designers work closely with the programmers to create some jaw breaking graphics which add to the performance of the game.
We use various tools like Java, HTML5, CSS3 along with android framework to create high quality games. We ensure to incorporate UI and UX elements in to the game that add responsiveness and a enhanced user experience. There is a range of categories in which we have a vast experience of creating gaming applications:

  • 3D games
  • Arcade games
  • Action games
  • Puzzle games
  • RPG games
  • Casual games

Our development team goes through meticulously laid step to create amazing games:

  • Putting together a seamless story line to define the overall walk-through of the game.
  • Designing various characters involved in the game along with their individual characteristics so that users can relate to them while playing.
  • Designing rich environments for the game which take advantage of GPU power of the hardware.
  • Implementation of logic which combines the graphics and codes to output a rendering engine.
  • Debugging and testing.
  • Finalizing the product with user feedback.
  • Launch and post launch maintenance of the game.
    • Over the years, we have laid down some proven methodology that has helped us create some impeccable gaming applications that match the standards of console gaming. Our team is committed to deliver a vast range of design and development services engineered to fit your raging needs. With one of the world’s best-trained design and operations crew, we can get you the world at your hands.

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