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The online ecosystem has evolved in such a way, that has made it easy for content publishers to have round the clock presence of their data and allow for easy access without platform constraints. Having a reliable media streaming capabilities can be highly fruitful as it provides a new horizon to real time information sharing in a more intuitive way.

Wowza in that aspect has been a penultimate media streaming service, that gives the right edge to your business and allows you to stream live and on-demand video, chat and audio recording. We at A-1 Technology have been providing proficient Wowza Media Servers to organisations and helping them stream their content to many platforms such as Adobe Flash, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, BlackBerry and other 3GPP platforms.

Why Choose Us?

  • We understand the requirements of our clients which is why our services are customized as per the requirement of the client.
  • Our multiple player specific encoders lets you portray your streaming requirement in a seamless way without the hassle of resource sharing.
  • We understand the need for cost effective services which is why our Wowza Server Plans are personalized in accordance to the requirement and can be scaled as per the need.
  • We take advantage of the most compatible cross platform streaming format which makes it easy for website owners, content delivery networks, mobile operators, multiple systems operators, TV and radio broadcasters, and many more to have an extended reach to end users.
  • We also emphasize on content security to ensure that your data integrity is maintained.
  • Our well trained and dedicated team allows for round the clock 24x7 support services to all the queries.
  • We develop custom made Wowza modules with optimized installation and configuration of Wowza Media Server 3.5
  • Our well defined policies and laid down methodology makes us an ideal choice for all media streaming related requirements.

Sharing of online content has come a long way as media consumption has become more dependent on rich content that offer more interactivity than text or images. Wowza Media Server provides provides that extra leverage to make your content available on smartphones like iPhone, iPad as well as other android devices.

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