Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP)

Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) is a mobile enterprise application platform, that helps enterprise developers to create applications that can connect business data to mobile devices for back-office integration and workflow management. The basic functionality of this platform is to address the challenges that are invoked in order to connect back-end enterprise data on to mobile devices in a safe and secure environment.

Over the years the complexity of enterprise ecosystem has increased substantially, and SUP helps developers ensure that they are able to create mobile applications that can embrace mobility and provide a middleware between both.

The first iteration of SUP written in Java and C was released in 2008 and over time it has developed into highly adaptable platform. There are various tools in Sybase Unwired Platform which developers can use to incorporate business logic of a mobile application hence integrating mobile device management and application provisioning. SUP supports all major platforms like Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Windows laptops/tablets, and iPhone devices with native clients.

The biggest advantage of SUP is that developers don't have to create alternate version of the mobile application for different devices and mobile operating system. They only have to write the business logic and the platform automatically translates the custom version for all the devices. This makes it very easy for the developers to focus on the data sources without worrying about device integration. For instance a developer creates objects and tables from the database list which determines how the data is shared between the back-end enterprise server and the mobile device. SUP then generates a code, that creates custom versions for individual mobile devices.

The key features of Sybase Unwired Platform are:

  • It supports various device types including Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iPhone.
  • It provides a secure environment for enterprise-grade mobile technologies.
  • It has seamless back-end database integration.
  • The developers have an ease of development that simplifies mobile device management.

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