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For every business and enterprise, it is highly imperative to maintain a connect with their userbase and to ensure that their queries are being taken care, at a much faster rate. With a highly competitive socioeconomic paradigm in place, it has become very difficult to sustain clients, which is why businesses have to come up with innovative solutions to increase their efficiency as well as performance.

Technology is playing a vital role in making organizations more efficient. Sugar CRM is one such aspect which has been widely used be many organizations to fulfill the customer's demands in time and provide complete client satisfaction. It is a commercial open source software that is designed to meet all the CRM requirements of organizations. Sugar CRM is ideal for medium and large scale organizations where the number of users is large. It offers excellent functionality to track accounts, contacts, leads, sales opportunities and all the associated activities such as phone calls, meetings and tasks.

We at A-1 Technology have been extensively involved in implementation and configuration of Sugar CRM. By helping our clients take advantage of its services, we have been making them efficient and proficient in dealing with various day to day business crises. We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated Sugar CRM developers that have immense expertise in services like Customer Support, Sales Management, Marketing Management and Reporting. Our developers add modules and customize the features of the packaged Sugar open source to meet your business requirements. Our expert Sugar CRM development team also provides efficient maintenance support for your Sugar CRM to increase performance and availability while minimizing downtime. We not only help you organize and manage your business processes also ensure that our services help you take your company to a higher position in the competitive business environment.

Over the years, our clients have seen a range of benefits by hiring our SugarCRM developers for customizing a solution to match up with their unique needs. These include:

  • Team Work.
  • Sales Management.
  • Analytical Reports.
  • Customer Service Management.
  • Settings and Administration.
  • Business Marketing Campaigns.
  • Marketing Activity Management.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction.
  • More Control over Business Processes.

We understand the importance of efficiency and customer satisfaction which is why we have been implementing various technologies into the core business processes of our clients so as to make them proficient. Ranging from tasks automation for tracking the history of existing clients to enhanced lead derivatives which tracks new opportunities, Sugar CRM is an ideal way to ensure higher customer retention level. With timely notifications to various queries and activities of the customer, businesses are able to identify new areas where efforts are required to generate more leads.

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