Silverlight Programming

Gone are the days, when web pages portray a static look. It is the era of dynamic and content rich web applications that are transforming the web pages into a more interactive user experience.

Microsoft Silverlight is a framework for developing web applications. The functionality offered by Silverlight are akin to those offered by Adobe Flash. Enabling integration of multimedia and animations, Silverlight offers high interactivity and improved functionality in a single run time environment. As the technology is moving forward and becoming more and more complex thereis a huge emphasis being given to application development that ushers in intuitiveness and intractability.

Why choose Silverlight:

it is basically a cross platform, cross browser .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in which allows designers and developers to build rich media applications (RIAs) for browsers. It presents a lightweight version of .NET, running on both Mac OS as well as Windows, and operating in a browser sandbox. Its main features include:

  • RIA Services
  • Silverlight Charts
  • Silverlight with WCF
  • Silverlight Controls
  • Silverlight Dashboards
  • Silverlight with Expression Blend

Why choose us:

At A-1 Technology we focus on rapid release and development process of Silverlight Programming, that can significantly reduce software development risk and improve the ability to respond to changing business environment. Our Silverlight developers focus on technical excellence and deliver business value.

With A-1 Technology, you can achieve the cost-effective, flexible Silverlight services that your business demands without the need to compromise on either speed or quality. We ensure commitment to quality and excellent skill pool. Our developers as well as programmers encompass on our proven methodology and robust development solutions to deliver rich media. We use systematic set of tools for building and designing Silverlight based web applications.

Having a Gold partnership from Microsoft and years of expertise in various Microsoft technologies gives us an added benefit. We work in coordinance with our clients to implement various feature set, so as to attain on time and cost effective delivery of the project that ushers with quality assurance. Our services include:

  • Interactive solutions for Windows mobile.
  • Development of Multimedia internet solutions.
  • AJAX-based applications deployment and design.
  • Integrating Silverlight plug-in with existing web applications.
  • Rich Internet Applications development with Microsoft

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