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Over the years the web pages have become more vibrant with major emphasis being laid on intuitiveness. Gone are the days when internet was full of static web pages as the era of dynamic and content rich web applications has engulfed online sphere. There are many technologies available out there which offer a rich motion experience. Microsoft Silverlight is one such web application framework, which has transformed the web pages into a more interactive user experience.

Microsoft Silverlight basically involves coding with .NET and is simpler to implement. Moreover it is readily supported by all major web browsers. Microsoft Silverlight and Flex, delivers more processing to the client which means that the browser does not generate huge blocks of data, but instead sends small pieces of information at a given time. This ensures that only important part of the interface is upgraded, which enables the users to do more and faster than the traditional web applications.

We at A-1 Technology have been widely involved in developing web applications using Silverlight. Being a Certified Gold Partner of Microsoft, we have a plethora of expertise in various technologies offered by Microsoft. Our proven methodology and stringent development process gives us an ideal edge over the competition.

Our Developers as well as programmers work closely with the clients ensuring a transparent development solution. Moreover, we implement various protocols to ensure that the overall project is cost effective but does not tone down on the quality assurance.

A-1 Technology and Silverlight Development:

Silverlight is highly beneficial in creating highly dynamic and responsive websites similar to desktop applications in terms of processing speed and load time. Website developed using Silverlight update in an instant, without any need for the user to refresh the web page. At A-1 Technology we offer various services in accordance to Silverlight Development:

  • Silverlight with RIA.
  • Silverlight with WCF.
  • Silverlight Controls.
  • Silverlight Dashboards.
  • Silverlight with Expression Blend.
  • Interactive solutions for Windows mobile.
  • Development of Multimedia internet solutions.
  • AJAX-based applications deployment and design.
  • Integrating of Silverlight plug-in with existing web applications.
  • Rich Internet Applications development with Microsoft Silverlight.

Microsoft Silverlight is basically a cross platform, cross browser .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in which allows designers and developers to build rich media applications (RIAs) for browsers. Microsoft Silverlight presents a lightweight version of .NET, running on both Mac OS as well as Windows, and operating in a browser sandbox.

We address the cost of creation and rich media delivery in a number of ways which include; providing a systematic set of tools for building and design teams and affordable delivery of audio and video experiences while using Windows Media Streaming. Having immense experience in development of applications based on Silverlight, our developers as well as programmers offer a range of solutions from general to enterprise applications.

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