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From large enterprises to small business, Siebel is the leader in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Over the years, many organizations have used its sheer power as an impeccable CRM software to leverage their productivity as well a profitability.

In the era of competition there are various domains in which organizations find it hard to streamline their overall process. This includes process management, business implementation and decision support. The ability of an organization to capture new growth opportunities and quickly act on them by changing its core process and operations is the sole factor that divides market leaders from the rest. Siebel System Services has been a pioneer in helping business have that edge over the market.

We at A-1 Technology have been helping many organizations as well as enterprises over the years with our Siebel consulting services. Our proven methodology and wing-to-wing CRM consulting services have been favored by a long list of our satisfied clients globally. Right from the preliminary stages of developing we work closely with our clients by analyzing their overall business process and helping them phase out redundant process to streamline the over ecosystem.

Our worldwide delivery model accelerates the Siebel implementation time-lines and thus provides our customers with quicker ROI, helping them in realizing the calculated benefits of their CRM implementation.

A-1 Technology’s Siebel consulting services provides following services:

  • Siebel Testing Services.
  • Siebel Upgrade Services.
  • Deployment with zero downtime.
  • Siebel Implementation Services.
  • Cross-channel CRM functionality.
  • Full Oracle Fusion Middle-ware support.
  • Siebel Support and Maintenance Services.
  • Increased user productivity at lower cost.

Our Siebel Implementation Team provides consulting, design, development and deployment services of Siebel applications. We apply proven upgrade methodologies and processes in both business and technical aspects to ensure rapid upgrade time lines for business benefits. We use effective testing strategy which is essential to meet the time lines.

A-1 Technology and Siebel Consulting:

In any emerging market with a lot of emphasis being laid on efficiency and cost effectiveness, there are many organizations that want to have a 360 degree view of their customers using a standard global Sales and Marketing operation. This not only streamlines the overall process but also ensures that there is seamless integration real time snapshot of all customer interactions.

Our Siebel CRM services provides businesses with tools to analyze customer behavior, improve integration and provide beneficial feedback on the return on investment (ROI) within the organization. By using our services, one can deliver consistently superior customer relations. We fine tune Siebel applications to provide businesses with a centralized repository of customer data and a real-time snapshot of all customer interactions. Siebel CRM functions also accelerates business value and lowers overall costs and helps to promote more informed decision making across sales, service and marketing teams. We also integrate a series of technologies and business strategies that can be used to create good customer/client relationships.

Our analysts and consultants at A-1 technology are well versed in the overall architecture of Siebel software and uses it framework along with rapid prototyping to create a customized solution for your business processes. Hence, by using our Siebel applications, you can fulfill your goals, improve your business, increase customer satisfaction by providing them with quicker business benefits.

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