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Microsoft has been a pioneer in providing many technologies that have shaped and redefined business process and simplified sharing of information. There are various tools provided by Microsoft that are used by organizations all across the globe SharePoint is a multipurpose set of Web technologies that is used by various organization all around the globe. The tools integrated into SharePoint are designed in such a way that even non-technical users find it easy to use. It is a overall package of document management, work-flow automation, enterprise search, process management, system integration as well as knowledge management. It helps to streamline the efficiency, productivity of an organization.

But it has been seen time and again that without proper consultation, organizations find it pretty hard to manage all information and maintain the overall system. We at A-1 Technology provide highly proficient and hassle-free consultancy and have helped many organizations customize SharePoint as per their needs. We are a perfect destination to get the top quality service with our years of expertise in the SharePoint services.

Being a Certified Gold partner of Microsoft also gives us an edge over various technologies offered by Microsoft. We have been using SharePoint services over the years to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration. SharePoint provides vital information related to core Microsoft services to make the overall business model of an organization hassle free. It also serves as a platform for application development.

Our consultants and analysts at A-1 Technology are well versed with all the services provided in SharePoint which takes information sharing to a whole new level, providing accessibility for team collaboration and making it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information. The Microsoft SharePoint Services environment is designed for easy and flexible deployment, administration, and application development.

Why choose a-1 Technology for SharePoint Services:

  • Access through Outlook.
  • User Friendly platform.
  • Easy Integration with MS Office.
  • Easy Connection with Intranet.
  • Easy Plug to Play Web Parts.
  • Tight Security Levels at Sharing.

Over the years we have been helping many organizations with the functionality of finding and communicating with key contacts and experts, both by e-mail and with instant messaging. Using SharePoint services we allow for easy search of site content. The biggest advantage of using SharePoint is that the site content and layout can be personalized on a per-user basis, and Web Parts can be used to present targeted information to specific users on precise topics.

To know how A-1 Technology, Technical Consulting helps you choose the most effective tools to support your existing CRM or new Customer and Information Management initiatives,contact us for more information.

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