Resource management System

Resource management and low cost of ownership is the key to future sustainability of any start-up. Organisations who are willing to take the next big step and incorporate new technology into their core business processes need better management of their resources. In order to have a systematic growth of overall business process it is highly vital to leverage upon the core resources of the organisation. This is why in the current economic paradigm it is important to have a RMS (Resource management system) for better management of all the vital resources.

Taking that fact into consideration, A-1 Technology Inc has developed a state of the art RMS which has the capability of providing an amalgam of Onsite as well as Offsite Resources.

As a result of our blended solution provisioning, A-1 Technology typically provides a high value service and performance to the clients at a lower cost. This is why we has built and delivered a high performance software solution that enables enterprise and organisations to leverage upon cutting-edge technology in order to have a competitive advantage. This web based solution puts the entire organization as a “shared project workforce” and manages inventory of skills, expertise and capacity, resource management and scheduling, project workforce planning, capacity planning, and forecasting.

The overall system has a seamless option give to employees in the form of color coded “my schedule” which allows them to view their color-coded calendar of current and upcoming work as well as their time off. This color coded reporting and analytics is a vital aspect and provides intuitive resource allocations report in order to identify and resolve scheduling conflicts, project overlaps, resource overloads or under allocation, bench time, or more optimal resource deployments.

This not only helps project and group managers to view team members’ color-coded calendars and plan in accordance to that but also ensures that vital resources are not wasted and managed properly. The RMS software fully utilises the combined talent and skills of the entire workforce of an organization in order to reach maximum development of human resources. This enhances the quality of work and ensures optimal performance boost. The biggest aspect of this system is that it helps organizations to reinvent themselves and their core business processes to achieve optimal output.

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