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Institutional traders have always found it easy to analyze market data and put trading orders using Execution Management System (EMS). It contains necessary algorithms provided by broker along with global market data. By incorporating all this data, traders are able to predict certain market conditions across multiple trading destinations such as stock exchanges, brokerage firms, crossing networks and electronic communications networks.

We at A-1 technology have been extensively involved with developing software solutions like EMS for brokerage firms as well as institutional traders. RealTick is one such EMS, that provides real-time market data, news and analytics; sophisticated trading tools; unrivaled access to exchanges and ECNs and risk management tools to institutions, broker-dealers and individual investors. RealTick's advanced technical design is supported by state-of-the-art data centers and a redundant network for market data and orders.

Real Tick is basically a software application that provides real time updates with the trading and stock market. Real Tick is reliable, fast, have the best charting package, and the most innovative features.

Why Choose Realtick:

  • Charts
  • Add-ons
  • Tickers
  • News Windows
  • Real-time Data
  • Alarms + Alerts
  • Financial Research
  • Fully Customizable
  • Total View Windows
  • Multi-quote Screens
  • Integrated Web Browsers
  • Flexible User Interface

Over the years, we have laid standard software solutions for online trading and have delivered instant market feeds displaying the depth of the market and showing up to the second profits and losses. Our analysts understand the importance of real time information in this highly volatile market, which is why we create custom solutions as per the requirement of the client. This not only gives the EMS the flexibility it requires but also robustness to enable traders to make timely decision as per market analysis.

While watching the market move, you can track your live orders and positions and receive immediate order confirmations of your trades. Using our EMS solutions it is far easier to be in sync with the market as they are built to match the unique speed and style of any kind of trader offering intriguing flexibility. RealTick has overall revolutionized the electronic trading industry with its robust feature set and innovative trading technology that is able to provide ground breaking market access and liquidity solutions.
Our globally present clients are able to constantly grapple with ways to speed up their ordering process. This helps them have an edge as high frequency traders as they are able to make decisions in the matter of fractions of seconds across multiple pools of liquidity.

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