Why Us

At A-1 Technology, we take a consultative approach to Quality Assurance & Testing. We work with our clients to establish criteria, goals, timelines and budgets. When A-1 Technology measures quality for a product, you can be certain that the data generated gives a clear view of how the product will perform in its intended environment. We believe that the true utility of Quality Assurance lies in helping our clients meet their business goals.

Various Testing Resources include:

  • Enterprise Application Testing Services
  • Web and e-Commerce Testing Services
  • Client-Based Software Testing Services


  • Development Environment - A separate application and database server should be available for development to develop and test the application.
  • QA Test Environment - QA is responsible for validating the functionality of the application across all system configurations. A separate test environment should be available for each defined configuration that the application must support 2. Software Various automated testing tools are being reviewed as possible candidates to develop the automated test scripts for the application. A defect management tracking tool needs to be evaluated and installed to track defects during the life cycle development process. This tool should also have significant reporting capabilities.

Our Mission

Our QA team’s mission is to continue to provide innovative testing services by building the best Quality Assurance practices across technology domains, and to promote an environment where everyone can learn and grow.

Our Values

Honesty and integrity are vital to everything we do. Our track record of repeat quality assurance assignments with the same clients is an indicator of our strong ethics and fair business practices. We live up to a high standard of open and honest communications, and we expect our clients to do the same.

Our Capabilities

At A-1 Technology, we believe that besides possessing quality assurance skills, an efficient and growing Quality Assurance team should have adequate product knowledge, testing skills, technical/programming skills and domain knowledge. We groom our QA team members with product and domain knowledge, so that they understand the product well before testing it. The following diagram displays the skill priorities pyramid at A-1 Technology::

Our quality assurance experts have competency in providing various types of quality assurance services in diverse domains such as API/Components, Localization, tools, applications, stress, load, performance, security, driver, embedded system, and databases.

Some of the reasons why you should choose A-1 Technology for your QA needs:
  • Expert quality assurance professionals with development experience, resulting in completion of quality assurance projects on time, thereby reducing time-to-market for your products
  • Critical product-specific quality assurance issues quickly taken care off with fast turnaround time, resulting in better ROI
  • Detection of problems even before beginning detailed quality testing by using Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing techniques
  • Quality Assurance Services that enable you to focus on your core competency - software development, and thereby enhance productivity
  • Local presence in US in case of any urgent need
  • Focus not just on detecting defects - but also to prevent defects in future
  • Better quality test coverage and test effectiveness methodologies for a defect-free product
  • Improving the final product quality, thereby increasing sales and profits

Our Testing Features

A-1 Technology is a leading provider of software quality consulting services. We offer services ranging from manual/regression testing, to automation (using your tool or ours), to performance testing and tuning, to Quality Assurance mentorship and leadership.

  • Experienced, Reliable Resources – We have one of the best quality assurance professionals in the QA industry, and we assure you that they will meet or exceed your project testing needs.
  • Flexible Pricing Model - We can work with you on a traditional T& M basis, or fixed price. We can fit into your process, or you can use one of our order processes.
  • Flexible Staffing Model - We often work from Statements of Work, Proposals and Task Orders – we can fit into your process.
  • Short or Long Term Assignment - Whether you need our testing services for a day, months, years; or perhaps you’d like to purchase a block of time to be used On-Demand, we can fulfill your Quality Assurance needs.
  • Software Testing Just-In-Time - We understand that needs come up at the last minute, and we’re ready to work with you at a moment’s notice.

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