Testing Services/Test Methods

As the development process is evolving and applications are becoming more and more complex there is a need for better quality control and testing to ensure that the overall application is free of vulnerability and bugs. Application testing has become an integral part of an any application development process and plays a vital part in the execution of an app.

Testing is kept at highest priority at A-1 Technology with much emphasis being given to the fact that there are various real life instances where an ad-hoc approach towards testing has been detrimental to the overall quality of the application. We encompass on this methodology, and adhere to proper and in-depth testing phases at various levels of development.

Our app testers work in coordination with the developers to ensure that there are no loop holes left and the applications works seamlessly in real world scenario. Right from the first stage of inception to the final product, our application tester perform a range of tests on the approach, scope, end goals and overall working of the application. We go through various phases of testing through the overall development life cycle:

Integration Testing: It consists of building the software solution by adding program units and then testing the larger system to ensure that the implemented software matches the defined requirements. The objective of these tests is to determine if all the components of the system function properly together.

User Acceptance Testing: It verifies the application conforms to functional and programming specifications in live configuration environments.

Performance Testing: The purpose of performance testing is to measure the application under load conditions. At A-1 Technology, the process of performance testing follows a methodology that was developed based on our experience and expertise. The methodology uses world-class tools to ensure we spot bugs and the issues that are not apparent in normal real-time situations.

Automation Testing: At A-1 Technology, we've implemented numerous successful automated test systems at many companies, from e-commerce web to clients/server database applications and from financial & mission-critical to multimedia & networked applications.

Regression Test Suite creation and automation: Regression testing verifies new versions of the software have not adversely affected previous working functionality and that known problems that were fixed have not resurfaced. Regression testing occurs throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Product Assurance and on-going Release Testing: We have engaged with Product Companies to maintain and continuously run comprehensive test suites to ensure that every product release is defect free and complies with stated features and requirements.

Security Testing: It determines how well your system protects against unauthorized internal or external access or willful damage.

Compatibility Testing: This type of testing evaluates how well your software performs in a particular hardware, software, operating system, browser, or network environment.

Configuration Testing: Configuration management is a discipline that ensures the integrity of all components involved in designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining any system. Configuration testing encompasses testing various system configurations to assess the requirements and resources needed.

Accessibility Testing: No matter what constraints your customers operate under, we can help you to ensure their comfort, productivity, and enjoyment of your product.

Load Testing: With the help of load testing, it's possible to determine how effectively your Web site or application will accommodate an increasing user load.

Usability Review: We provide a range of corporate web site-, portal web site- and web application usability tests for all types of software products. We have access to users, user groups and usability research expertise that can be brought into our in-house laboratory for close examination of actual user behavior to engineer the user.

Over the years, we have integrated our expertise in impeccable app testing into various projects that have resulted in a final product that ushers in pure quality control. Our expert testers understand the important of quality assurance and implement unique test strategies catering to particular domain.

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