Project Management and Planning

The most important aspect of any type of software development is project management and planning. As the projects are getting complex with advanced capabilities it has become imperative to undergo systematic project management and planning to face complex and difficult challenges. It involves coordination of different aspects,completion of many tasks in a precise sequence.

Over the years we have been offering project management and planning services to our globally present clients. Our robust development services along with dedicated analysts result in impeccable planning and management of the overall project right from the beginning which results in seamless final product. Our Services include:

Evaluation and Risk assessment: Risk assessment validates that your project will succeed. Software development experts evaluate and test the software-based technical and business risks as they relate to your business, market, and service plans. The significant risks are identified and detailed in comprehensive Risk Event Descriptions. You are also provided with a quantification of each risk’s impact on cost, revenue, and schedule.

Infrastructure Setup: With hundreds of computers, miles of cables, and dozens of switches, hubs, and routers, A-1 Technology can place your software in an environment to put it through its paces. Software is not implemented in a vacuum. Our development centers are equipped to meet a tremendous range of testing requirements. Our QA Engineering teams have tested everything from medical devices to advanced imaging solutions to high-profile Web sites. We maintain extremely high technical testing standards, while continuously evolving to meet customer specifications.

Defect Tracking System Setup: At A-1 Technology, we follow detailed testing metrics deployed for the entire project cycle. From defect tracking to testing progress, our clients have complete visibility into all of our projects. Our tracking system provides insight into all project defects in real time via a Web-based interface. Our customers have the option to select how they want the interface to look. The net result is a testing system that is tailor-made specifically for each project.

Test Plan Creation: Creation of Test Plan includes planning the testing activities. We create a test plan that provides strong methodology to specifically verify that the criteria defined is met and the test phases approved for the project/application. Our services also include clear and precise results to be delivered showing how criteria has been met, or what improvements need to be made to meet the criteria.

Test Case Creation: Our staff is experienced and trained to design and develop test cases in complex circumstances. Our staff will develop test cases in a structured and clear format. The test cases are used to confirm your software operates as expected for new and existing software development projects. We implement your test cases that validate customer performance, scalability, and functionality claims for the product.

Checklist: We usually implement checklists that provides a mechanism for verifying that the Business Requirements comply with the Requirements Management process. The checklist is to be used by a Quality Reviewer as part of the project’s SQA activities, and/or by other members of the project team while developing the requirements. The various Requirements Management Process Elements include Elicitation, Analysis, Documentation, Verification and Approval

Project Management: Project management is one of the critical factors in a testing project. Our management team, together with an on-site Project Manager, will strategically plan your testing effort and manage the day-to-day tactical implementation of your testing effort. The management of the project in testing phase should be based upon a tried and true testing methodology. We will develop a testing Methodology that will suit your organization. We will engage an experienced test manager, who can guide and supervise your test team effectively.

Defect Management: Defects should be logged in a defect management tool. The defects are classified using defect classification schedule. Those defects entered as Severity 1 (System Crashes) or Severity 2 (Major Problem) will be corrected prior to the application being deployed. Severity 3 (Minor Problem) and Severity 4 (Enhancement) will be corrected based on criticality as collectively defined by the QA/Test lead, team lead, and project manager.

Team Management and Staffing: A-1 Technology has access to a number of resources with varying levels of experience in the testing field. Unlike most staffing companies, we verify that the resources we provide to our clients have the skills necessary to satisfy their needs. We don't send resources in hopes that someone may fit the skills that are required.

Project Reporting: Our testing metrics provide complete coverage of the testing process from beginning to end. Not only can the testing progress be monitored through the daily charts, but specific test data driving the chart may be tracked as well.

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