QA - Methodology

There is a plethora of technologies clouding the globe and as they are evolving, software development is getting more and more complex. In order to ensure that the software is not prone to vulnerabilities and bugs, there is a need for quality analysis to be put in place to validate that it meets the stated functional requirements and standards.

The expertise that we provide, both through our quality assurance consultancy services and our testing tools, is based on two prominent sources of pragmatic, high-quality, state-of-the-art know-how. Our methodology research function is a key factor in enabling this double foundation. By combining intensive internal research and a continuously updated wide-angle view of the global testing and quality assurance community, our methodology research team is building a theoretical and pragmatic know-how platform that enables us to bring on a Software Quality Revolution.

The QA services offered by A-1 Technology are designed to address the challenges faced in software testing field and cover all phases of Quality Assurance activities for the successful testing and release of the software product. We provide total quality assurance program support to our clients encompassing all of the following areas:

Requirements Analysis

  • Evaluating all requirements documents applicable to the client's organization or operation, determining which requirements apply and to what degree they apply, and recommending how clients can best implement those requirements within their own management framework.
  • Summarizing existing client testing procedures and mapping them to the controlling directives and orders in a Required Implementation Matrix to illustrate their degree of compliance.
  • Recommending what new testing system controls and implementing procedures are needed.
  • Requirement Traceability Matrix ix prepared, which includes the business requirements, system requirements and tests to be performed.

Program Development

  • Determining quality assurance requirements applicable to the particular operation.
  • Evaluating existing quality achieving and quality assuring activities.
  • Preparing quality assurance plans or program descriptions to integrate requirements with existing controls.
  • Determining the need for new and/or revised quality assurance procedures and assisting in preparing them.
  • Establishing a graded testing approach, where appropriate, to apply more extensive controls to high-risk activities.


  • Testing evaluation and assessment plans
  • Quality assurance program descriptions, plans, and procedures
  • Problems found in testing are documented in a test problem report.
  • The project/application-approved promotion model is followed for testing.
  • Implementing quality assurance programs in accordance with applicable standards.
  • Testing in a given phase does not begin until established entry criteria are met.
  • Problem fixes undergo the same testing as the software in which the problem was found.
  • Testing is performed on the appropriate version of the software in accordance with version control procedures.
  • Each test phase identified in the master test plan is accomplished in accordance with the applicable test plan.
  • System test and subsequent test phases are conducted in a production-like or production-level environment as appropriate.

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Conducting quality assurance assessments, audits, surveillance, reviews, appraisals, and procurement surveys.
  • Assisting in managing and coordinating corrective action programs in response to testing evaluations and assessments.
  • Identifying testing requirements, developing testing schedules, assisting in testing evaluations independently or as a team, documenting and analyzing testing results, evaluating and tracking corrective actions, analyzing quality trends and developing program improvement plans.

A-1 Technology promises a compelling experience that generates new and greater revenue opportunities, increasing customer loyalty and hence competitive advantages for your organization.

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