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A-1 Technology, Inc is a leading edge technology consulting firm and has a strong focus on delivering the best, cost-effective services and solutions. Being a global leader in Application Development, A-1 Technology is your right source for e-finance, e-business, healthcare, media and best Mobile Technology Development.

Strong Programming skills are the defining USP of A-1 Technology. Typical projects involve advanced n-tier architecture, which integrate with back end legacy systems and databases. A team of designers and graphic designers excel in creating lightweight interface pages, creative flash demos, intuitive navigation and user-friendly forms and screen layouts. The A-1 Technology Quality Control team ensures that all development is bug-free and adheres to specifications.

Headquartered in New York (NY), our other locations include Florida (FL), Los Angeles (LA), New Jersey (NJ), Toronto (Canada), Stuttgart (Germany), Singapore, and India.

  • A-1 Technology Founded on: June 8, 2001
  • Ownership: Inc.
  • Locations : New York (NY), Florida (FL), Los Angeles (LA), New Jersey (NJ), Toronto (Canada), Stuttgart (Germany), Singapore, New Delhi (India) and Chandigarh (India).
  • Offshore Development Center(ODC): Gurgaon(India), Chandigarh(India), Dehradun(India), Faridabad(India)
  • Industries of Expertise : Financial, Healthcare/Pharma, Media, eCommerce, Entertainment, Mobile Apps Development
  • Technology Expertise : Joomla, Flex, Ruby On Rails, Drupal, Wordpress, Java, Flash, Linux, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX, My SQL, Php, Oracle, Microsoft dot net, SAP, CRM.

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Resource Management Systems by A-1 Technology Inc

Resource management and low cost of ownership is the key to future sustainability of any start-up. Organisations who are willing to take the next big step and incorporate new technology into their core business processes need better management of their resources. In order to have a systematic growth of overall business process it is highly vital to leverage upon the core resources of the organisation...

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A-1 Technology Inc. Now Offers Ruby On Rails Consulting Services

New York, NY August 08, 2008 - An evolutionary software technology will lead to the creation of websites that are simpler and faster with improved mobile interfaces. Today, Ruby on Rails is one such technology, which is widely used all over the world to create fast and efficient business solutions. It is an excellent open source web programming application framework and allows faster web development than other technologies

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A-1 Technology at its Best: iphone Application Development

Nov 25, 2008 – A-1 Technology, an offshore software outsourcing company is working on iphone development technology to provide you best resources for iphone application development, that can help in empowering the capabilities of iphone development and to reduce development cost & time

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Best IT Staffing Service providers

IT staffing is one of the most important requirement for a successful business. Information Technology systems plays a major role in enabling business strategy and in achieving an organization's business goals. Likewise, staffing and resource allocation have become critical business issues at most corporations, large and small alike.

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HTML Developers at A-1 Technology

HTML can generate structured web documents and format them. HTML Developers at A-1 Technology utilizes its structural semantics to craft text with its headings, lists, quotes, paragraphs, footers, embedded objects and images and fashion interactive forms. It is also possible to add links and load/include scripts like JavaScript.

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