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There has been a huge rise in the dominance of web applications as internet is becoming more and more dynamic in nature. Developers have been using various scripting languages so as to increase the functionality of the web based application. Perl is perhaps the most popular language for writing web applications. Used by many web portals across the globe it offers versatility and diversity with rich feature set.

The biggest advantage of using Perl is that it operates as “glue,” meshing systems and interfaces that were previously incompatible. The use of Perl for web development remains highly desirable and this is the reason why A-1 Technology has been highly involved in coding web applications in this programming language. Our developers as well as programmers are well versed with Perl language offering software development using many other tools in conjunction with Perl. Our dedicated team consists of software professionals with extensive experience in web and advanced Perl programming.

Today, Perl programming and Perl website management is extensively used across platforms like Linux, Win32 and UNIX. Perl combines features of many programming languages and is similar to C, including variables, expressions, assignment statements, subroutines and control structures. Our developers at A-1 Technology can easily develop CGI scripts using the rich set of powerful operators and functions of PERL language.

We can also make use of universal string handling functions provided by Perl. Our programmers can write programs to process, text and manipulate databases as Perl supports powerful functions for text-manipulation. Perl language can be used to build real-world scripts that can be used on platforms like UNIX, Win32 and Linux. Programming web services with Perl is widely used today to create web forms on the Internet. Perl language is an efficient tool to handle system administration tasks.

A-1 technology and Perl Programming Services:

Over the years our developers have been a part of various successful projects for various sectors including retail, health care, insurance, travel, banking, and entertainment. Our Services include:

  • PERL application development.
  • Porting modules from PHP to PERL.
  • Remote Linux system administration.
  • PERL consulting and project viability testing.
  • Upgrade and development of application module.
  • migration of applications for other languages to Perl.
  • Support of Linux based system and applications developed using Perl.

Perl is a flexible language which supports both procedural and object-oriented concepts. Perl can be embedded into web servers to speed up processing and to solve all complex data manipulation tasks with ease. By incorporating the simplicity of Perl language into the robust development solutions provided by us, we are able to garner some of the best development solutions for our clients. Moreover our developers as well as programmers ensure cost effective and timely implementation of SDLC so as to ease of burden on resources. Our development protocols as well as Perl helps businesses increase productivity and streamline organization management.

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