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A-1 Technology is a partner with Paypal Developer central option to test APIs, Website Payments, Instant Payment Notification and other Paypal functionalities. Paypal Developer Central is a collection of the tools and resources which allow developers and merchants to develop e-commerce web sites and applications using Paypal's Web Services.

Our association with Paypal allows us to create applications using Paypal and test them so that they are within the agreeable standards of Paypal. During the development process, application components can be tested before being integrated into an application. This feature helps in developing Fool-proof applications keeping in mind the interests of the end user and ensuring security in transactions.

Intuit Developer Network

A-1 Technology is a member of the Intuit Developer Network. The membership gives us access to a standards based environment empowering us to develop specialized solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Developer are given control over the QuickBase database operations. Developers can also combine QuickBase XML output with the XSL and XSLT style sheets, as well as JavaScript for precise control over layout and output. This helps us in developing solutions in a much shorter period than in traditional methods. We know you need solutions that match your own unique work processes. With custom forms, you choose the sequence and placement of the fields on your data entry forms. You can add instructive text to guide your user.

You can add instructive text to guide your users. You can even associate your Custom Forms with particular views (for example, View for Sales Support Team) to create customized experiences for your users. This feature is only available with the QuickBase for the Corporate Workgroups. It allows us to create custom applications from the scratch.


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