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Databases have become the backbone of information sharing and management of online resources. from small businesses to large enterprises, everyone incorporates DBMS (database management system) into their core business process so as to ensure seamless integration of technology. Oracle in that aspect has been at forefront of relational database management system and is considered to be one of the most exuberant and non-trivial systems.

It supports SQL that runs on minis and main frames and even on personal systems. It is technically very sound. Oracle is popularly used in thousands of large corporations and countless websites. Oracle database is easy to install and quite simple to manage. In a matter of time, you can generate your reports with the help of oracle. Oracle is used in almost all applications and takes its major presence is banking. It offers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, pre-integrated business applications, including key functionality.

Oracle is an excellent way to reduce your IT costs and achieve near zero downtime at the highest level of performance. Oracle targets high-end workstations and minicomputers as the server base to run its database systems. It has been regarded as the champion of the network computers. Its backwards compatibility is an added advantage that is considered highly vital. Oracle is fastest as compared to the similar database like Sybase, SQL- Server that too have the facility of using loop conditions arrays etc. the features of the oracle let the user have easy and cost effective operations.

A-1 Technology and Oracle Consulting:

We at A-1 technology have been involved in various projects pertaining to oracle consulting. Our analyst as well as developers are well versed with overall Oracle technology and have undertaken many project for various sectors like banking, insurance, retail, entertainment, travel, finance, health care and services. Our services include:

  • Systematic backup and recovery of database information.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database.
  • Reduced costs of ownership, implementation, and management.
  • Mitigating risks to ensure overall security of information.
  • Enhancing business process and streamlining business insight.
  • Security protocols in place to ensure safe user access to the database.
  • Transforming overall productivity and empowering users to become more efficient..

We understand the power of Oracle as a popular database that is capable to support a business from end to end. This is the reason why we have put years of expertise in practise so as to reach optimal results. but putting forward highly reliable and accurate technology database that extends easy and speedy performance capability to your business, we offer impeccable DBMS that requires minimum demanding environments.

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