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Stocks and trades have become the center-stage of the economics as all major countries have started their own exchanges. With the cloud of competition looming in the market, it has become imperative for the investors to stay ahead of the competition and devices out new strategies a per the changing scenario. As most of the economies are interconnected, there is a huge liability to have a real time information sharing portal so as to make informed decisions.

Technology is playing a vital role in making the brokerage firms more efficient by helping them sustain the growing volatility in the market. Due to competitive pressures, brokerage firms all over the world today, need to provide their customers with Internet access. Investors demand the ability to trade online, manage their accounts, and access crucial content like stock prices, market news, and research. Providing these capabilities can help them retain existing customers, attract new ones, and generate additional trading revenue. Failing to provide them will put their future at risk.

A-1 Technology has been at forefront fro many years providing custom software solutions to brokerage firms like charting, real time analysis data, and secure online transaction portal. We have been providing these solution to brokerages irrespective of their size due to our flexible development solutions. We offer on-time delivery of the software ensuring high quality which are cost efficient. A-1 Technology solution allow large firms to configure a fully branded, trade-capable Web site and have it on the Internet in a fraction of the time. We have wide expertise in a range of technologies giving us an edge to incorporate precise development work as per the requirement of the client.

With strategic advice from A-1 Technology, these firms are able to control user appearance, feature navigation, content, and customer access. A-1 Technology can get their online site into production quickly, and manage the transactions and technology in a secure, reliable Internet-based environment. It’s that simple.

  • Market News
  • Order entry
  • Account access
  • Portfolio Management
  • Real-time quotes with trades
  • Research (in-House and Outsourced)
  • Charts (Intraday, Daily, Monthly, Yearly)
  • ..and any other customized features

It is an era of real time information sharing, and highly competitive market of brokering makes it imperative to make timely decisions in order to gain profits. Our analysts at A-1 Technology have been working in coordination with many brokering firms trying to understand their business process and requirement which results in impeccable software solutions as per the needs of the client.

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