Near Field Communication

The future of NFC (Near Field Communication) has been termed as prominent with a lot of potential. NFC is basically a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology that provides an easy and secure access to share data between two devices, when held closely. Currently it is being used for sending simple data like contact information, apps, content like documents and images, but the biggest bet of NFC has been on making secure payments.

A-1 Technology has been making a lot of breakthroughs in this sphere with a lot of expertise being put in this field. We understand the potential of NFC and are dedicated to provide the best and cost effective solutions. We already have many satisfied clients with NFC projects ranging from photo sharing applications to health monitoring applications.

The capabilities of NFC are immense. It is a technology of the future that can be applied in many different ways.

  • NFC has been termed to enhance the modern retail shopping experience. While doing some shopping, you need not take out your credit card, and can just wave your phone at the counter to make a secure payment.
  • You can just wave your phone in front of your door's lock to unlock or lock it.
  • Another aspect where the capabilities of NFC can be laid, is the social integration. There can be programmed NFC tags put at the entrance of the establishments, where the users can just wave their NFC enabled phones to check-in automatically on various social networking websites.
  • NFC tags can also be used at airports and metro stations, where a travelers can just use their phones to read tickets.
All of this and much more is possible with NFC, and our highly skilled developers will ensure that all of your expectations are met.

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