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With employees spending more of their time on the move, mobile solutions have become essential business tools. Windows Mobile™ solutions are based on devices, such as Pocket PCs and Smartphones and the Windows based Tablet PC. They are delivered by an array of systems integrator across a a full range of horizontal and vertical industries.

Forward-thinking businesses have found that providing mobile access with mobile access to e-mail and corporate information helps them keep one step ahead of information helps their employees stay firmly ahead of the competition. Leading analysts highlight the benefits that organizations can achieve with mobile solutions.

Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and Pocket PCs play a leading role in increasing productivity and creating new business opportunities. Windows Mobile software is a rich and powerful platform for deploying mobile solutions. Windows Mobile software enables developers to utilize their existing PC and .NET programming skills and enables IT professionals to apply their security and systems management policies and procedures while extending existing systems in a manageable, scalable manner.

We at A-1 Technology have been at forefront of developing applications for windows Phone platform providing mobility solutions to organizations as well as businesses. Windows which is the most widely used desktop platform has its roots embedded in consumer centric as well as enterprise centric market. With Windows entering the domain of smartphones, we have been extensively involved in developing mobile applications for our clients so as to streamline their core business and increase their reach over the targeted userbase.

Our experienced and expert team of Windows Mobile application programmers and windows mobile developers have years of expertise in Windows mobility solutions and have created tools for our clients to capitalize on various market opportunities.

We encompass on a diversified Windows Mobile application development with end-to-end process of windows mobility solutions. Our expert team of Windows Mobile Programmers has vast experience and skills in developing simplified line of business (LOB) applications, windows mobile applications that runs successfully across in different Windows Mobile devices to offer enhanced user experience.

Over the years we have developed and deployed Mobile solutions for various sectors including Banking, Retail, travel, Insurance, Finance, Gaming, Education, heath care, Pharma and Services. Our core services for Windows Mobility Solutions include:

  • Utility apps.
  • Productivity apps.
  • Gaming Applications.
  • Task Management applications.
  • Multimedia and entertainment apps.
  • Windows Enterprise mobility solutions.
  • Pocket Outlook managers for Microsoft Office Mobile.
  • Embedded Software Development for Smartphone and
    Pocket PC.
  • Synchronization of various Windows Services into
    our applications.

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