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MAS 90

A-1 Technology is a perfect destination to get the top quality service as we have expertise in Mas 90 accounting software technology. Our team comprises of specialists of Mas 90 technology enabling our clients to take maximum benefit in Mas 90. We have here by offered you a brief account about the technologies letting you know about there use.
MAS 90 full form as master accounting software is different software than other systems in its arena. It has evolved over its lifetime from a basic accounting system into a full blown, fully integrated business solution. Its modules span from the front office, where local and remote salespersons have precisely efficient access to prospect and customer data, through the warehouse where shop floor controls and optional bar coding efficiency oversee purchasing, manufacturing, picking, packing and shipping and ultimately to the back office where its core modules allow instant access to customer and vendor data, as well as producing an array of financial information available in reports, charts and dashboards.

MAS 90 offers a broad selection of feature-rich solutions, including core accounting, e-commerce, business intelligence tools, payroll, customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation and financial reporting software. In addition, this award-winning application boasts robust manufacturing and wholesale distribution software solutions that help small and mid-sized businesses automate key processes, including inventory management, bill of materials and job costing.

There are some reasons for which the companies like to prefer MAS 90 instead of other software. These reasons include the beneficial features of MAS 90 which are as follows:

Extensive core feature sets in each module, expandable with user-defined fields, automated data import and export, and hundreds of third-party add-ons available from master developers.
Platform flexibility: Sage MAS 90 is available for Windows NT, Windows 2000, NetWare and SQL Server networks. A single-user version is also available.
Insightful reporting: Three built-in report writers, including the industry standard Crystal Reports, deliver information in the format you need. You can also access Sage MAS 90 data via ODBC with the reporting tool of your choice.
Adaptability: With the availability of e-Business Manager, hand held computing applications and Sage MAS 200 SQL Server, the product line continues to prove its adaptability to new technologies, helping to assure you of a solution that will keep you competitive as your business.

MAS 200

MAS 200 offer all the functionality of Sage MAS 90, but incorporate the benefits of a client / server platform. This includes more efficiently distributed processing, enhanced data integrity and reliability, and scalability. MAS 200 are also available on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. MAS 200 is widely recognized for their ease of use and ability to empower customers with insightful information. MAS 200 is well suited for companies with remote sites with 10 to 500 employees. You can easily integrate Sage MAS 200 with other applications.

MAS 200 is a modular system. Each application is purchased separately and can function independently (the only required module is General Ledger). The core modules are General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation and Payroll. The distribution suite offers Inventory Management, Purchase Order and Sales Order. Manufacturing covers Bill of Materials, Work Order and Material Requirements Planning. Additional modules offer features such as direct deposit, bar coding, Fax and E-mail integration, customer service, and many more. The power comes from the integration of the modules, reducing duplicate entry and allowing for immediate access to data from within the entire system. MAS 200 make the use of latest thin-client architecture to deliver high-speed performance across the Internet or via a dial-up connection.

MAS 90 and MAS 200 share identical feature sets, but MAS 200 can often result in up to a 40% speed increase compared with MAS 90. A great benefit to customers is the way MAS 90 can grow as their business grows. Starting from a 1 user MAS90 Small Business install, MAS 90 can easily transition to a 100 user MAS 200 system, with minimal downtime and no retraining of users.

MAS 500

MAS 500 is a complete enterprise management solution that was developed to help progressive companies streamline operations; manage with insight and springboard to the next level. In today's volatile economy, it's more critical than ever that every aspect of your enterprise be operating at peak efficiency. MAS 500 steps-up the features offered in MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 to meet the operational need of any enterprise level company. This system offers solutions in accounting, distribution, manufacturing and e-business management; it also includes CRM, detailed project accounting, and project management with extensive reporting capabilities.
MAS 500 ERP is a highly reliable, robust series of applications covering all areas of enterprise e-business management, including accounting, budgeting, distribution, human resources, payroll, enterprise reporting and electronic commerce. The product leverages Microsoft tools, technology and architecture to provide a flexible, scalable and full-featured e-business management solution. Sage MAS 500 ERP has earned numerous industry awards for leading-edge technology and superior customer service. MAS 500 offer flexible manufacturing and distribution solutions. An executive information portal provides Web-based access to the executive on the go. An out-of-the-box e-commerce application gets customers up and running quickly with an integrated, powerful, workflow-optimized website. These strengths combine with many others to provide a complete solution for the small enterprise market.

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