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In the recent years, application development have become highly complex as developers are adding more and more functionality to the applications. In order to make them diverse and fast as far as performance is concerned, there is a need for high level programming which can offer feature rich capabilities.

Performance is a vital criteria for all applications as they depend upon intuitiveness and instant responses. It is a known fact that iPhone app development has been termed as performance oriented with faster response rate. Lua programming language which designed to support general programming with data description facilities has been used in iPhone application development for many years due to its potential as compared to Objective C.

We at A-1 technology are a pioneer in iPhone applications development and have been using Lua for developing games and other complex applications. The biggest attribute for using Lua programming language is that the binary size of the overall code is very less, which makes it really light. This not only makes it fast to execute but also ensures there is very less burden on the resources.

Lua is becoming the language of choice for anyone who needs a scripting language that is simple, efficient, extensible, portable, and free. Currently, Lua is being used in areas ranging from embedded systems to Web development and is widely spread in the game industry, where knowledge of Lua is an indisputable asset. Lua is actually a very powerful and flexible language, because it has meta-tables and support for closures.

A-1 Technology has been, time and again, coming up with impeccable applications for our clients, which has been a result of rigorous Lua developmental process and properly laid down fundamentals by our highly dedicated team of developers. It involves various stages of preparing, building, rolling out and finally sustaining the application.

Over the years we have created plethora of applications as well as games for iOS devices using this technology and have helped organizations with consulting services. Our developers as well as programmers work in coordination with our client. By keep the overall development process as transparent as possible, we not only deliver high quality applications but also keep the overall cost effectiveness.

We go through various phases while undergoing Lua development process including:

  • maintaining quality assurances.
  • ensuring optimized delivery context.
  • limiting cost for end-user requirements.
  • visualizing the input and output capacity of the client.

Our experts in Lua programming can develop games for iPhone as per your requirement with the help of sophisticated tools. We have years of expertise in software development and scripting and have garnered a lot of projects involving Lua consulting and development solutions.

Our team of professional developers have a sole purpose to utilize their knowledge over Lua programming language and apple iOS SDK to create stylish, engaging, easy to use applications that stand out from the crowd & push boundaries where applicable. We have highly experienced and skilled development team creating the next generation of innovative mobile applications.

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