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Linux is an open source technology which has huge following world wide and considered to be the most reliable, secure and low cost operating system to develop products. Over the years there have been many organizations and businesses who have understood the power of open source solutions due to their flexibility, customization and low cost of input.

We at A-1 Technology have been implementing open source solutions for our client for many years and our Linux developers have a plethora of expertise in providing in-depth analysis of the Linux technology while implementing services to optimize and accelerate the use of open source. We have an extensive experience in the Open Source products like Linux making us an ideal partner to provide best-fitted solution to a particular business problem and timely delivery of complex systems with lower total cost of ownership.

Linux acts as a platform for a variety of different programming languages, tools and libraries, each with their own capabilities. At A-1 Technology we develop dynamic database driven websites equipped with the latest web technologies like ASP, PHP, Ruby and Perl etc. Our developers are experts in providing advanced solutions to our customers and develop customized web pages and websites as Linux provides a wider choice of libraries and graphical user interface tool kits as compared to Windows.

Why Choose A-1 Technology for Linux Development:

  • Low Cost and No Licensing fees - The biggest advantage of using Linux based operating systems is that its source coding is free and open source which reduces the cost implications to a greater level.
  • Secure and malware free - The security aspect of Linux cannot be questioned as it has more robust integration as compared to other platforms. This makes it completely bug and virus free.
  • Lighter Hardware Requirement - It has been seen time and again that with the development of a platform the implications on hardware increases substantially. Linux uses a lighter database to run a program, which is why more powerful hardware configuration is not required for it to run. Linux can be installed on any old computer and can use that as a firewall server, a file server, or a backup server.
  • Universal Hardware Compatibility - Linux is released under GNU license which makes it very easy to run on different hardware configuration. This means that it supports a wide variety of Intel, AMD, Sun SPARC, Apple computers and IBM chip-set.
  • Low Cost of Maintenance - As the source code is available to the developers, it is far easy to debug, and maintain the whole developmental process and customize it in accordance of a particular requirement.
  • High Level of Customization - The biggest disadvantage that most of the developers have to face is the level of customization that can be incorporated into an ecosystem. With Linux, the possibility of customized layout is greatly increased.

Having a plethora of expertise in the Linux development over the years, we harness the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process. There is no denying the fact that open source is always considered to have better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor.

Our robust methodology along with flexibility if Linux platform usher of high quality and impeccable development solutions. In addition to that, we also adhere to stringent quality control and testing techniques which results in an well organized project management.

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