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Content management system have change the website management and taken it to a whole new level. Joomla is one of the most widely used CMS which enables you to build websites websites and robust online applications. Being an open source platform, there is a wide range of options and features embedded into it, which makes it an ideal choice for any website development. Other aspects, including its ease-of-use and versatility, have made Joomla the most popular web site software available.

Ranging from a full featured dynamic website to a simplistic web page, Joomla can be used at various scales as a CMS tool capable of building websites from few pages to several thousands. It uses PHP/MySQL and features a very comprehensive admin manager. With a modular framework in place it offers a high level of diversity and customization. Whats is the most important aspect of Joomla is the fact that it can be hosted on Linux, UNIX, Windows and Macintosh OS X servers making it a universal CMS.

We at a-1 technology have been working on website using Joomla as the backend for many years. Our programmers as well ad developers are well versed with its feature rich options and diversity. Being an open source platform, we are able to customize the overall software as per the requirement of our client. Apart from creating light-weight templates with fast-loading structure we have been involved in various projects involving Joomla development for sectors such as retail, E-commerce, banking, insurance, finance, travel, health care, multimedia and entertainment.

Joomla Services we Provide:

  • Custom CMS integration.
  • Joomla Design integration.
  • PSD to Joomla Templates Conversions.
  • Custom Design Templates.
  • Custom Module development.
  • Custom Component Development.
  • Maintenance Joomla Web Portal.

Our dedicated and vastly experienced Joomla developers work closely with the clients in a transparent manner ensuring cost effective and timely solution. Moreover with brainstorming and sharing f ideas on a daily basis, they ensure that the overall project fulfills the expectations of the client. We at A-1 technology have a vision to have a seamless web presence for our clients which is why we go an extra mile to ensure that the ideas laid forward by our clients reach their end result.

With technology growing at an astounding rate, it is imperative to have up to date web portal that integrates the latest technology to give an impeccable user experience. As the internet becomes more and more complex, with billions of web pages being created everyday, it is very important to have a centralized system to manage all that content.

In the present web dominant socioeconomic paradigm, having a well managed web portal can define the fine line between success and failure. A tailor made website with a managed assortment of content can make you conquer the top position in this fierce competition and over the years we have been helping our clients achieve that goal.

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