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Java is a one of the most widely used language which is used across various industries be it devices such as mobiles, TVs or software applications and networks. Java ME (Micro Edition) Platform SDK is a state-of-the-art toolbox for developing mobile applications. It provides device emulation, a standalone development environment, and a set of utilities for rapid development of Java ME applications.

The applications that are developed using JAVA J2ME can run on a consumer wireless device platform such as PDAs, cell phones and other consumer appliances like microwave ovens. J2ME, a server-side programming environment, is targeted at small, standalone or connectable consumer and embedded devices with as little as 128KB of RAM and with processors a lot less powerful than those used on typical desktop and server machines. The J2ME world is divided into configurations and profiles, specifications that describe a Java environment for a specific class of device.

J2ME Technologies contain a highly optimized Java Run-time Environment and cover a wide range of extremely tiny commodities, and enable security, connectivity, and useful utility programs. Over many years A-1 Technology has been rigorously involved in developing application using this platform. Our dedicated developers and programmers along with our robust Java Development process helps our clients to usher in the benefits of Java J2ME platforms, and related technologies including System Programming, Portal Development, Enterprise Application Development and Web Services.

Why Choose J2ME:

The platform has yielded many advantages over the years and have led to impeccable application. With improved security and consistency of applications across platforms and devices, superior user interfaces with graphics, the ability to function off-line out of wireless coverage, peer-to-peer networking and no licensing expenses needed for the SDK, it is a perfect solution for all the development queries.

A-1 Technology and J2ME development:

A-1 Technology has been a prominent player in leveraging rich quality yet cost effective Java development solutions with special emphasis on scalability. Our aim is to build a versatile skill-set of knowledge graph and continuous research to fully utilize the capabilities of Java platform. Our core competencies as well as robust development solutions are far superior and have resulted in various successful products. The developers and programmers at A-1 technology has been part of various successful projects ranging from:

  • Video Broadcasting.
  • Android hosted solution.
  • J2ME gaming applications.
  • Android mobile development.
  • Health/fitness applications.
  • MOW development.
  • iPhone Website Development.
  • Mobile Business Applications.
  • Business oriented applications.
  • J2ME Web Services Development.
  • Custom GPS Mobile Apps.
  • Multimedia Apps Development.
  • iPhone Application Development.
  • Porting other operating systems.
  • J2ME Mobile Application Development.

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