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Technology has always challenged the way people share information and communicate. The packet-based Telephony which was once just a mode of communications has over the yeas transpired into a business tool of delivering application services, signal processing and other types of media services to the Application Server. There are a variety of applications that can be incorporated into IVR ranging from simple prompt reproduction and DTMF interaction to complex Automatic Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech processing.

It is important to understand that there is a different level of processing involved in each service and it requires a central application element to provide true scalability and high performance. In that aspect, A-1 Technology is a perfect destination to get the top quality service in the field of IVR technology. Our team comprises of specialists of IVR technology enabling our clients to take maximum benefit in IVR.

Telephony IVR is the short form of the interactive voice response, a telephony technology in which someone uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from or enter data into the database. This technology does not require human interaction over the telephone as the user's interaction with the database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user access to.

IVR applications are typically used side-by-side with an Internet web site. They reach the large percentage of your customers that do not have a computer in front of them 24 hours a day - and customers who do not use computers. IVR technology is also used to gather information, as in the case of telephone surveys in which the user is prompted to answer questions by pushing the numbers on a touch-tone telephone.

IVR systems are typically used to service high call volumes, reduce cost and improve the customer experience. Examples of typical IVR applications are: telephone banking, tele voting, and credit card transactions. Large companies use IVR services to extend the business hours of operation. The use of the VUI (Voice User Interface) is designed to match the customer experience of the web interface. Companies have realized that access to voice services is impulsive and readily available.

We at A-1 Technology offer various services integrating IVR technology and helping organizations utilize full capabilities of packet based telephony. These include:

  • Initial IVR application feasibility study.
  • Performing actual coding of the IVR application.
  • Testing the IVR application prior to going live.
  • Installing the IVR program in a live environment.
  • Organizing a development team and task assignment.
  • Creating a design specification of the application.
  • Maintenance and enhancement of the ongoing IVR program.

At A-1 Technology, we employ a well versed and experienced IVR programmers that are capable of delivering rich quality and comprehensive IVR Solutions. We have years of expertise in this field and have deployed a range of IVR solutions to our globally present clients.

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