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Staying ahead of the others in the mantra that most enterprises and organization thrive for, in this ever competitive market. By incorporating latest trends and competitive developments, emphasis has to be laid on an agile IT staffing. It is not always the technology that offers you a competitive growth, but the personnel who apply that technology in an optimal manner.

A-1 Technology has access to world’s largest talent pool, which is considered to be the best in the IT sector. Powered by years of experience in the software product development domain, we at A-1 have acquired expansive knowledge about technology staffing, which we put to use by offering our IT staffing services to help provide expertise, effortlessly.

The IT staffing solutions provided by A1 Technology helps organization secure and optimize their business targets and fill the gaps between the transformation phase. Placing right people for right jobs enables organization to achieve their business target better, faster and more efficiently. In order to handle mission-critical systems, agile IT staff is as much important as the technology itself. Our main motive is not to fill the positions but to qualify those positions for success.

IT Staffing Acquisitions at A-1 Technology involve experts in their chosen field, with an impeccable track record, commendable educational background, certifications, and relevant experience. All this to guarantee that the work done on client's projects is delivered within the promised time frame.

Our professional staffing services have an impeccable track record with a commitment to find the best candidates for our clients as we do for our own. Consultants that are chosen by us, go through a rigorous technical evaluation and rounds of interviews in order to ensure that they fit the bill. Our placement process involves meticulous analysis of candidates and is focused on the requirements of the client.

Strategic Staffing Solutions at A-1 Technology make sure that you safeguard your time and resources. We study the requirements of your business and understand your procedure to call candidates, interviewing them, run background checks, verify references and present you with candidates that we think are best suited for the particular job.

There are various roles that A-1 Technology has filled which include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Help Desk
  • Q/A Tester
  • Systems Programming
  • Data Warehousing Project Manager
  • Web Designer / Producer
  • Data Architect Programmer / Analyst
  • Desktop Support
  • Systems Administrator
  • Technical Writer
  • Developer
  • Systems Analyst
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