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Mobile applications have gone through leaps and bounds in the last few years, which major emphasis being laid on on-the-go availability of information anytime and anywhere. With a slew of platforms arising in the mobility sector, developers as well a organizations are looking at HTML5 as a cost effective way to have multiple platform support for their application.

HTML5 is a technology that enables developers to build rich web-based applications for mobile devices independent of the platform. It uses a write-once run-anywhere approach where the developer can create cross-platform applications that can work on multiple devices and platform.

Ever since the inception of HTML5 as a mainstream development tool, we at A-1 Technology have used it to create a range of mobile applications supporting different platforms. HTML5 clearly opened up more options for the developers due to its platform independence, and low cost of creating applications on multiple platforms. We understand the rapidly changing web world and which technologies will be future of the web. Ingenuity is the core criteria for the success of any application, which is why our designers as well as developers emphasis on feature rich capabilities of HTML5, to create an impeccable user experience.

  • Easy migration of web application to mobile application.
  • It does not require intensive third party plugins to run the application.
  • With option of local storage, it also supports offline access for the application.
  • A single development for all platforms which reduces time and cost for product creation.
  • Mobile apps created using HTML5 have easy compatibility with most popular platforms and devices.
    • HTML5 is so special because of the fact that it dissolves the issue of native app development for various platforms. With HTML5, it is far easy to make a universal app which can run on all HTML5 compatible web browsers. Moreover, the users are able to access these applications anywhere in the world and irrespective of operating system or platform.

      A-1 Technology and HTML5 Mobile apps:

      • We have innovative approach which assumes analysis and consultancy on project implementation.
      • We adhere to best practices and standard in mobile web solutions development and follow HTML5 standards.
      • Our developers have been extensively involved in various HTML5 project for various sectors ranging from retail, banking, insurance, finance, travel, health care and entertainment.

      Our domain knowledge and competency in HTML5 mobile application development is evident from our long list of satisfied clients globally. Our expertise in application development and HTML5 web development helps us create feature-rich HTML5 apps for all the major mobile platforms. We have team of skilled HTML5 developers that have a huge expertise and are technology savvy to create impeccable mobile apps according to the industry standards. As the technology moves forward, we have been upgrading our skills and knowledge to provide you the best mobility solutions.

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