HTML5 Mobile Application Development

Online content sharing has seen massive transformation over the years, with web access getting intuitive and dynamic. Gone are the days of static web pages as the demand for extrinsic applications are rise exponentially. With the advent of smartphones, mobile applications have become the mainstream for content sharing.

HTML5 in that aspect has played a vital role in enhancing the overall user experience. HTML5 has always been considered as the easy way around to create mobile applications. It is low of cost and the developers only have to write the code once and create applications of different platforms using CSS. HTML5 has effluent features for offline web applications, sandboxed iframes, scoped styling along with formatting features like enhanced context menus, advanced client-server communication, embedded video and audio tags and many more.

We at A-1 Technology have been at forefront in developing mobile applications using HTML5. It is a cost effective and highly assertive way to development as it allows for multiple platform support in a seamless manner. Our developers at A-1 technology have extensive development expertise in HTML5 with a plethora of applications under their belt.

We thrive to offer best mobile web solutions covering all possible peculiarities of mobile web app development, HTML5 web design, User Interface design, challenges of user interface implementation.

A-1 Technology offers exclusive mobile apps development solutions in:

  • Mobile compatible HTML5 websites.
  • Social networking web applications.
  • Embedded video and audio applications.
  • High quality and sound gaming application.

Mobile platforms we provide services on:

  • HTML5 iOS app development.
  • HTML5 Android app development.
  • HTML5 windows app development.
  • HTML5 Blackberry app development.

HTML5 has opened a Pandora's box which will define the overall architecture of app development for the next decade. It has and will impact nearly every organization and business seeking online presence as it is thriving to become the mainstream of mobile app development.

Our developers as well as designers have vast experience in creating impeccable HTML5 mobile applications. With our robust development solutions as well as proven methodology in place, we offer an ideal platform for organizations to reach their targeted userbase. We have the right team of technology evangelists, expert developers, ingenious designers and robust technological infrastructure that suits perfectly across all verticals. Our flexibility to scale up and down a project as per the requirement of the clients throughout their mobility journey make us an ideal choice to optimize your mobile implementation process.

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