HTML5 Game Development

There are various technologies in play that have transformed the overall dynamics of mobile and web applications. Gaming has been a major part of this revolution and have skyrocket their popularity of among the masses due to enhanced features of HTML5. With the fluidic UI elements along with dynamic feature set, HTML5 based applications have given a whole new paradigm to developers as well as end users.

HTML5 is a powerful tool which allows game developers to take gaming to a whole new level. Thanks to the unique advantages offered by HTML5, developers don't have to depend upon third party plugins to give an enhanced user experience to the users.

We at A-1 Technology have been a pioneer in gaming applications with a variety of applications ranging from 3D games, Sports and simulation games, Arcade games, Action games, Puzzle games, RPG games, Casual games and many more.

We have with us some of the best and talented HTML5 Game Developers who have sufficient knowledge of the HTML5 Game Development Platform. The HTML5 based games developed by us are entirely unique and innovative. The games are developed keeping in mind the requirements of end users who want an engaging gaming experience like never before. We at A-1 Technology possess everything that helps you create dynamic, next generation, highly interactive Desktop and Mobile HTML 5 games.

Why choose HTML5 development?

  • Enhanced and consistent user experience.
  • Advanced animation and multimedia features.
  • HTML5 is the future of web and will be basic web standard.
  • It is easy to update code and tools of your HTML applications across various platform.

What A-1 Technology can offer?

Games are the major reason behind the incredible success of mobile application industry. Leading mobile platforms like iOS and Android give utmost attention to its gaming applications because it can attract maximum number of potent customers. We develop HTML5 games for mobile platforms like:

  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Web application across different platform
  • Blackberry

Here, at A-1 Technology we offer games development in all possible categories and mode of playing. We endeavor to work on your every idea no matter if it is about a puzzle, racing, dressing up, construction or dice game, quiz, shooting etc. A-1 Technology ushers with a group of talented and innovative HTML5 game developers who are capable of turning your small idea into a complete gaming solution. Over the years we have been part of many gaming projects involving HTML5 and have dug up new opportunities to present to our clients with finest web gaming solutions.

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