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Web pages have gone through an extensive phase of transformation with a whole new dynamics coming into picture as far as performance of a website is concerned. Developers are now eyeing at implementing more diverse tools to make the overall user experience vibrant. Customizing a web application as per the needs and requirement of the project is the need of the hour.

FileMaker Pro is one such tool that has been extensively used by developers as well as designers to create impeccable web applications. It is a cross platform database application and is known for its combination of power and ease of use. It is also noted for the integration of the database engine with its GUI-based interface, which allows users to modify the database by dragging new elements into the layouts, screens or forms that provide the user interface.

We at A-1 Technology have been extensively involved in bring round the clock solutions to our clients worldwide. Our dedicated team of developers have worked on various projects ranging from retail, heath care, banking, insurance, travel and services. Over the years FileMaker Pro has matured into a very powerful and sophisticated tool for developing database solutions and maintaining a rapid development cycle that is much shorter than other comparable database development frame–works.

It helps individuals and work groups work faster and securely share information with Windows and Mac users — through a network, over the Web, and in popular formats. It's Easy to Install and learns as well. FileMaker helps you Get Instant Access to Information without Programming and makes it easy searching, sorting and reporting capabilities, deliver the details you and your team need, quickly and professionally.

FileMaker supports popular file formats, such as XML, ODBC, and JDBC for data exchange and reports can be can be saved to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel, making FileMaker information accessible to virtually anyone you choose. Filemaker's strength is its ease of use for non-programmer types. It works very well for smaller applications, even for the web.

Our Services:

Having extensive knowledge in this domain, we have garner support to many organizations as well as enterprises. There are a range of services that we offer as far as FileMaker pro is concerned:

  • Database design services.
  • Plugin development services.
  • Server administration services.
  • Data integration, data exchange.
  • Porting and migrating applications using Filemaker.
  • Consulting and development of web applications using Filemaker pro.

FileMaker Pro includes all the elements you need to build custom interfaces that support your unique business needs in a single integrated environment. You can build solutions on your desktop and easily deploy to your network without modification. Whether you're managing customers, clients, vendors or patients, FileMaker gives you virtually unlimited ways to view and share your contacts and companies.

If you're managing change in a fast-moving environment or monitoring production processes to drive efficiency, FileMaker is the right tool for the job. Whether you need a comprehensive sales order processing system or you just want to be able to create invoices for your business, the solution is simple thanks to FileMaker.

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