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Internet has come a long way in the past decades with web pages becomes more dynamic and intuitive in nature. Gone are the days of static web pages when the emphasis was on nature of content rather than quality of content. As the internet has evolved over the years, the mode of content sharing has also transformed with many new technologies coming into picture. By putting some motion and vector graphics into the layout of the web pages, the user experience can be enhanced making the overall website more presentable.

Macromedia Director is one such tool that has been widely used for developing and designing web pages. It is an era of competition and having an intuitive web presence that can scoop large amount of traffic to your website is very essential. This not only increase productivity but also yields profitability.

Director is a powerful tool that enables the web page developer to integrate flash animation into their website and at the same time helps in taking control over the length of the flash animation. Combined with flash animation, it enables the audience to interact in a more vibrant manner which can be easily absorbed.

We at A-1 Technology have been extensively involved with flash animation. Our designers and programmers have worked on various project implementing Macromedia Director. Creating a finesse web page with Director is not only easy but it offers a wide range of features which can enhance the user experience to a larger extent. Our Designer have a massive expertise in 3D animation and vector graphics. They have been part of various projects catering to various sectors including retail, entertainment, health care, Service, and multimedia.

Macromedia Director makes 3D animation highly plausible and enables the designer to create or integrate 3D animation so that the characters on websites appear more practical and entertaining to the audience. In addition, this technology enables web designers to built and develop animations, interactive movies or images, which can be incorporated into an web page. There are various benefits which come with this technology making the overall web experience more attractive, interactive and dynamic.

A-1 technology being a pioneer in various technologies integrates its proven methodology and robust development solutions into various creative concepts bring ideas to life. Our focus has always been on creativity and imagination and to provide the best Macromedia Director Programming to our clients. We maintain stringent quality standards that ensure that we develop solutions that give your business maximum advantage, high productivity and a huge customer satisfaction.

Director can integrate various formats such as AVI, BMP, QuickTime, PNG, JPEG, RealVideo, hence making it possible to integrate without re-encoding files. In addition, director also supports vector graphics and 3D interactivity. Lingo is popularly known as a scripting language. It enables the author or the user to create a Director movie and do much more. Using Lingo you can create a movie that can reply to input (such as a mouse click) and make decisions (using logic).This means that the action in the movie doesn't just happen automatically but it is forced to move by events.

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