ColdFusion Programming

Application development has been at its peak for some time, with newer and efficient technologies chipping in to make the overall SDLC(software development life cycle) seamless. Adobe has been at forefront of all these technologies by providing various tools to implement a rapid development platform. This helps in creating impeccable applications which are cost effective and productive.

Cold-fusion is one such tool offered by Adobe and used for a wide variety of applications. It is a database-interfacing, rapid development platform similar to Microsoft's ASP.NET or JAVA. it is a popular scripting language that known as markup language and has close resemblance with HTML in syntax.

At A-1 Technology we have been working closely with adobe to create applications using their tools. The performance level that it offers is immense along with low cost expenses. Our team of developers and programmers are specialists in Cold Fusion technology enabling our clients to take maximum benefit. A-1 Technology is your best bet when it comes to development of your websites or any other web based applications. With an efficient talent pool in several technologies, A-1 is also home to experts in Cold-Fusion Programming. We offer innovative and efficient Cold Fusion solutions to our clients.

Cold fusion language is mostly used for developing website using HTML tags. Moreover with the popularity of web pages we have taken the development process a step further and integrated it into creating web based applications. This makes a web-page more dynamic in nature allowing for enhanced interaction and intuitive UI.

Our developers as well as programmers have been a part of many projects and have used cold fusion programming to achieve their task of creating:

  • Task Scheduling.
  • Server Clustering.
  • AJAX based web application.
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution.
  • Client and Server Management.
  • Business Oriented Application.
  • A Simplistic Informative Website.
  • File Indexing and Searching Service.
  • XML Parsing, Querying, and Validation.
  • Client-Side Code Generation for Validation.
  • GUI Administration Content Management System.
  • eCommerce and Web Portal Based on Data Sharing Model.
  • Conversion from HTML Based Pages to PDF and Flash-Paper.
  • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) or JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).

We at A-1 Technology have been using Cold fusion to create dynamic web-pages and web application that offer a high range of versatility and ingenuity in capturing the attention of the audience. Our development team works really hard to establish an outstanding portfolio making us one of the vital source of IT services and consultation. We bestow an imperative amalgamation of the design and technology that results in winning economic benefits to our client's online business.

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