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The widespread use of technology has ensured seamless sharing of information across the globe. Prominent sectors like business, finance and administrative systems for companies and governments often rely on these technologies to simplify their work and enhance productivity while keeping down the cost input.

COBOL is one such programming language that has been prominently used in government, military and commercial enterprises where security of data is a major concern. COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages known as COmmon Business-Oriented Language. The particular level of effort required for COBOL code has been attributed both to the large amount of business-oriented COBOL, as COBOL is by design a business language and business applications use dates heavily, and to constructs of the COBOL language such as the PICTURE clause, which can be used to define fixed-length numeric fields, including two-digit fields for years.

We at A-1 technology understand the features rich capabilities of COBOL language which is why we have been using it to create impeccable applications. Our team comprises of specialists of COBOL technology enabling our clients to take maximum benefit in COBOL. Being the original language of Open Systems it has become the leading language in Linux/Unix and the Open Systems movement.

For any business to thrive in the current socioeconomic paradigm, it is highly vital to encompass an efficient and cost effective technological solution. Our proven methodology, best mobile practices as well as robust development skills enables comprehensive, cost-effective development, deployment, maintenance and modernization of COBOL applications for organizations.

A-1 Technology and COBOL Programming:

Particularly popular for business applications that run on large computers, COBOL has been widely accepted as a pivotal of programming languages. Our developers as well as programmers adhere to open standards of COBOL and implement it in their development practices. Its feature rich capabilites and extensive usability makes it an ideal choice for large scale applications. Some of its unique features include:

  • Integration with the World Wide Web.
  • It has Rapid Application Capabilities.
  • It offers object, visual programming environments and Class Libraries.
  • It allows names to be truly connotative and permits up to 30 characters naming along with word-connector characters (dashes).
  • File records are also described with great detail, as are lines to be output to a printer - ideal for printing accounting reports.
  • Every variable in COBOL is defined in detail - this includes number of decimal digits and the location of the implied decimal point.

Overall COBOL is a basic language with a limited scope of function that encouraging a straightforward coding style. This ensures no bottlenecks in coding and a seamless development process. The developers at A-1 Technology have been using COBOL as a primary domain of business computing due to the fact that the program complexity lies in the business rules that need to be encoded rather than sophisticated algorithms or data structures. This keeps the data secure due to various security protocols in place and does not pose a burden on precious resources.

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