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Contact person: Ishwari Singh
Phone #: 212-397-7481
Fax #: 212-931-8530

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920 27 QE-Commerce Software Development Services
920 40 QProgramming Services, Computer
920 45 QSoftware Maintenance/Support
920 46 QSoftware Updating Services

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A-1 Technology is a New York based custom software solution provider with extensive experience in building web applications. We are an ISO 9001:2000 company compliant with high coding standards. We specialize in Ecommerce, Online Trading Systems, Health Care Systems, Retail, Manufacturing logistic System, Resource Management, E-learning systems etc.

Some key highlights of our service are given below:

Ecommerce Software Development Services: We have developed several Ecommerce websites with features like 1. Login 2. Shopping Cart 3. Payment Gateway 4. Admin Section 5. Upload New Product 6. Edit Product 7. Accept Payment 8. Order Tracking 9. Search etc.

Programming Services: We provide programming services for all the Nascent technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, VB, C, C++, Java, J2EE, JSP, ColdFusion, Flash, Animation etc.

Software Maintenance/Support: We strive to ensure that each and every customer receives the best service we can offer and work relentlessly to ensure that things are done accurately and professionally. A-1 Technology offers Maintenance Agreements on a Time & Materials basis at then prevailing rates. We have 24/7 Support and maintenance services. Maintenance is limited to problems with the functioning of the existing application and does not cover making changes or modifications to the software. Any required application changes or alterations should be via a Request For Modification (RFM) document. An RFM will be generated to outline the scope of the modification, price and estimated delivery date and forwarded to the customer for approval and signature. When approved and signed by customer, the RFM will be assigned to a Development Engineer for completion.

Software Updating Services: A-1 technology develops new softwares as well as provide Software Update services which includes enhancements in features, database management, design refresh etc.

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