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Internet has transformed the way information is shared as it opened doors to seamless access to global content. Having a web pretense has become imperative for everyone who warns to stay connected all the time. Web blogs in that aspect have provided and easy gateway for users and organizations to interact in a precise manner. Over the years the importance of a web portal and a web blog has increased substantially as the organizations are taking cognizance of the fact that it is an ideal tool to update their userbase on latest information.

A web blog is a culmination of large amount of content and is updated on a regular basis making it dynamic in nature. This makes sampling of the web design a hassle, which is why many organizations and user prefer to incorporate basic web templates on major blogging platforms.

A web template is a tool used to separate content from presentation in web design. It is also highly beneficial in mass-production of web documents. Generally considered as a basic component of a web template system, web templates operates similarly to a form letter for use in setting up a website.

We at A-1 technology have been creating impeccable web templates for major blogging platforms for a long period of time. Having many successful design templates under our belt, we have a long list of satisfied clients globally. We have a huge expertise in creating templates for WordPress, Movable type blogs and Expression engine.


WordPress is a blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. Our Designers as well as developers are well versed in core programming of WordPress blogs. By implementing Integrated link management, Search engine-friendly permalink structure, Nested categories and multiple categories for articles, Track Back and Ping-back, Typographic filters for proper formatting and styling of text and tag support we enhance the overall functionality of the web blog.

Movable Type Blog:

Movable Type was the first major package available for Web logs, and is arguably the most popular package in use today. It is written in Perl, a popular scripting language that runs on nearly every operating system, and can use a variety of databases to store blog content, including MySQL, SQLite, Berkeley DB, or even PostgreSQL. Over the years we have created a plethora of plugins and templates for this platform. Our extensive work on Movable type blog templates have brought immense functionality to basic blogging tools aimed at the beginner.

Expression Engine:

Expression Engine is server-based software written in PHP which is described as no less than the world's most creative and powerful web publishing software. Expression Engine is a flexible, powerful tool that is targeted at more tech-savvy bloggers. It's fairly easy to install and configure, and you can tailor settings at a very detailed level. We at A-1 Technology have been extensively involved in creating customized templates for the platform. This is highly beneficial as it provides an individuality to the web blog and ensures seamless integration to core features of the platform.

Our Blog templates are easy to manage with a feature of template editor that enables the user to alter the look and feel of the web blog. We also offer an intuitive template tag language to provide greater control over the type of the content that is displayed on the web-pages.

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