Amazon Web Services

Technology is moving at a very past pace and it has become a hassle for enterprises to compete in this era of innovation. Maintaining mission-critical technology on-site is expensive and time-consuming which is why many organizations are moving to cloud services to ease up resources. A-1 Technology over the years has been helping many enterprises to transition their business to the cloud. Our analysts and cloud experts help manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions for our clients. We have various security protocols in place to ensure that the cloud data-center is monitored continuously and there is round the clock protection to safeguard you against ever-emerging threats.

Over the past decade there have been many unique and groundbreaking changes in both technology and business which have created an ongoing IT infrastructure challenge for various companies. The typical business application architecture has evolved first from a desktop centric installation, to client/server solutions, and now most prominently to loosely coupled web services and service oriented architectures (SOA). Each of these evolutionary steps has built upon the previous while adding new challenges, dimensions, and opportunities for IT organizations and their business partners. AWS provides a flexible, cost effective, scalable, and easy to use cloud computing platform for businesses of all sizes.

Amazon Web Services has been providing a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable you to run virtually everything in the cloud: from websites and mobile apps, to big data projects and enterprise applications. We at A-1 technology have many clients present globally ranging from healthcare, media, financial services, insurance, internet, real estate, retail, education to the public sector utilizing this service.

We offer range of products under Amazon Web Services:

Computing: We provide our clients with solutions to meet their application demands, ranging from one server to a large cluster. Depending on your need you can commission up to thousands of server instances simultaneously and by controlling it with web service APIs, you app ecosystem scales accordingly depending upon your needs.

Storage: This is one of the basic concern of enterprises which is why many of them have shifted to cloud services for better management of their data on multiple devices. We can help our clients in managing & utilizing cost-effective solutions for storing and retrieving large amounts of data, anytime and anywhere. By leveraging scalable database solutions, from managed MySQL or Oracle, hosted enterprise database software, or non-relational database solutions, we help businesses who require the full features and capabilities of a relational database. This is also beneficial for those wishing to migrate existing applications and tools to utilize a relational database.

Our in-house Solutions for AWS:

Application Hosting: We offer reliable solutions for accessing an on-demand infrastructure to power your applications, from hosted internal applications to SaaS offerings.

High Performance Computing: We provide you with easy solutions to run your data-and compute-intensive workloads with instant provisioning and pay-as-you go pricing models.

Web Applications: Whether it is a blog or a highly-available global website, with scalable infrastructure platform using AWS, it gets very easy to remotely utilize its capabilities.

Backup and Storage: We provide you with solutions to store data and build dependable automated backup solutions using AWS’s data storage services.

Following are some of the examples how many enterprises can use A-1 technology to implement AWS cloud:

  • A large enterprise can quickly and economically deploy new internal applications, such as HR solutions, payroll applications, inventory management solutions, and online training to its distributed workforce.
  • An Ecommerce web site can accommodate sudden demand for a “hot” product caused by viral buzz from Facebook and Twitter without having to upgrade its infrastructure.
  • A pharmaceutical research firm can execute large scale simulations using computing power provided by AWS.
  • Media companies can serve unlimited video, music, and other media to its worldwide customer base.

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