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Ever since the rise of internet, there have been many advances in the field of technology. Website design and implementation has changed in a drastic way and simplistic coding with static pages has given way to more complex and intuitive elements. Gone are those says when rigorous coding was required in order to implement a simple web-page with fewer emphasis being given to design element. It is an era of Dynamic web-pages with drag and drop compatibility for creation of far superior and seams-less web-pages.

Active Server Pages (ASP) technology is one such aspect which makes it a lot easier to implement web-pages without any backend coding. It is a server-side scripting environment that is designed for dynamic web pages and applications, offering a wide range applications for web developers. It is normally hosted on a Windows server, typically an NT server, and can be fully incorporated into an Internet Information Server (IIS) or PWS. ASP has the same concept with scripts such as Java Server Pages (JSP) and CGI that allows web pages to coordinate with databases and programs in the web server. The ASP web page can be easily identified with the .asp extension on the URL.

Over the years, we at A-1 Technology have fully laid our footprint in the ASP framework. We have been part of various projects and have created far superior dynamic web-pages which usher in their uniqueness. Our various project included:

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Custom Report Development

At A-1 Technology, our dedicated team of ASP developers strive to give you the best in ASP programming, ASP development, ASP database programming, ASP programming services and ASP development services. A-1 Technology carries a strong tradition of providing high quality ASP application development. We have years of expertise under our belt as far as ASP Programming is concerned. A-1 Technology prides itself with a highly dedicated professional team that is fully versed with deep knowledge and expertise in the best of ASP technologies, we take time to understand the client’s vision.

ASP enables web developers to explore their own creativity and design customized web solutions. Our developers as well as programmers take cognizance of this fact and customize the project so as to cover all angles and provide it individuality. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are able to rope in benefits from various Microsoft technologies, and design web pages with powerful features.

There is an endless list of applications and features offered by an ASP hosting environment. What is more important aspect of our robust development process is the fact that we continuously take inputs from our client at every step of the way, which gives us flexibility and ability to scale the project as per the requirement.

ASP is ideal platform for organizations and businesses who want a websites that utilize the Microsoft programming technologies. There is an endless list of applications and features offered by an ASP hosting environment and a huge potential for creativity with all these available features.

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