Android Application Development

There was a huge cloud of anticipation among the developers, when mobile OS platform was unveiled by Google in 2007. This biggest reason behind such a huge following was the open source nature of android which allowed the developers to customize the operating system as per their convenience. Since then android has come a long way becoming the most widely used operating system out there. With more than a three quarter of a million applications in the Google Play store, Android also boasts of an immensely populated application database.

Over the years, Android has proved itself to be an attractive ecosystem for enterprises and organization to utilize that market-space. Smartphone users want information on the tips of their hands and in order to capture that userbase, organizations need to have native Android applications. We at A-1 Technology have been helping our clients be a part of that revolution by deeply integrating mobility solutions for android platform into every aspect of the core business process.

The developers as well as programmers at A-1 Technology are well versed with android SDK (system development kit) as well as Java language. Over the years we have created applications ranging from:

  • Multimedia Application.
  • Communication Application.
  • Security Applications.
  • GPS / Wi-Fi Applications.
  • Utility Application.
  • Business / Office Apps.
  • Web Service Application.
  • Travel Application.
  • Chat / Messaging Application.

A-1 Technology and Android Mobile Platform

  • Cost effective android application development is our expertise.
  • We have more than a decade of IT experience with strong footage in mobile apps development.
  • We work in collaboration with our clients and take their input at each step of the development.
  • We have over 100+ professionals who are skilled with latest technologies and have an expertise in android development.
    • Over the years we have created many Native Android applications along with hybrid applications, giving us an ideal flexibility as per the requirements of our clients. Our Java programmers have an in-depth knowledge of core android features which they utilize to its optimal capabilities to make the most out of android platform. Our expertise in the android application development and long list of satisfied patrons globally is the proof of our dedication towards developing commercially proficient and extremely user friendly applications.

Our Clients