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Any development project is closely followed by lots of issues that pose a nightmarish situation for the developers. It not only hinders the overall development process, but the final product also lacks that niche of excellence. Time lapses and rise in cost expenditure are some common issues facing most of the development processes. With no end in sight, often project managers, present the partial application to users, which does not meet certain goals. It is highly imperative for organizations and enterprises to achieve efficiency by the virtue of timely development and reduction of resource burdening.

Businesses need a way to reduce development costs, improve software reliability, decrease time to development and ensure applications actually work with the users, rather than against them. In this highly competitive atmosphere of socioeconomic paradigm it is vital to expunge old iterative software development process and adhere to Agile programming to overcome the issues.

At A-1 Technology we focus on rapid release and development process of Agile programming, that can significantly reduce software development risk and improve the ability to respond to changing business environment. Our Agile developers focus on technical excellence and deliver business value. With A-1 Technology, you can achieve the cost-effective, flexible Agile services that your business demands without the need to compromise on either speed or quality. We ensure commitment to quality and excellent skill pool.

Agile programming is an approach to ideal project management typically used in software development. It helps teams react to the instability of building software through incremental, iterative work cycles, known as sprints. Agile Programming adds flexibility to requirement changes. While scrubbing code it takes care so that important parts get most attention and you never end up in the dead ends. Agile software development depends on few important characteristics possessed only by software, such as object technologies and the ability to automate testing.

Over the years many organizations as well as businesses have used our agile services and benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of our consultants, software specialists, testing professionals and quality assurance experts. Our proven methodology and robust development have given us a strong record of success, and driven us on the journey of all different stages of the agile adoption curve.

Each and every project that we undertake is distributed into various modules on which our development teams work individually. Whats is more fascinating is the fact that in-spite on working individually on different modules, the overall development process goes seamlessly due to cross communication between teams. In this way not only the project is handled in a timely manner but it is also cost effective because o resource sharing.

Right from the start we first analyze the overall project and distribute it into various modules ranging from designing, coding, developing and testing. With over a decade of expertise in various development solutions , we have developed a portfolio of agile support services which can be customized to the requirements of each and every client. This not only enhances our productivity and garners flexibility to meet the time-lines for critical application launches and upgrades, but also ensures that there is not depletion in the overall quality of the project.

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