A-1 Technology Inc. Now Offers Ruby On Rails Consulting Services


New York, NY August 08, 2008 - An evolutionary software technology will lead to the creation of websites that are simpler and faster with improved mobile interfaces. Today, Ruby on Rails is one such technology, which is widely used all over the world to create fast and efficient business solutions. It is an excellent open source web programming application framework and allows faster web development than other technologies.

Ruby on Rails has been responsible for a major shift in the process of web development in the recent years. It offers some unique benefits to the web developer, like seamless maintenance of databases with migrations, easy deployment and many more. Due to its popularity, Rails has more learning and support resources compared to other frameworks.

A-1 Technology, an offshore software outsourcing company, is working on Ruby on Rails platform extensively and specializes in developing web applications using Ruby on Rails Framework. Many small and large organizations can greatly benefit from this wonderful framework.

A-1 uses Ruby on Rails technology to offer benefits such as :

  • Fast and easy development with quality results.
  • Handling of search-friendly URLs.
  • Simpler programming
  • Increased development speed.
  • Reduced development cost

Ruby as a language

A1 Technology is stable, with the language developers historically working hard to maintain backwards compatibility. It supports a wide array of databases, including all the common production database platforms as well as the most popular web services protocols, including XML-RPC, SOAP, and WSDL. A-1 Technology team experts in providing Ruby Solutions.This elegant programming language, used by the best-in-class resources at A-1 Technology, is bound to attract venture capitalists. Today, Ruby on Rails is considered one of the best architectures, used to create fast and efficient business solutions. To cater to the growing demands of RoR development, A-1 Technology has scaled up with low cost resources, minimal investment and maximum throughput.

Visit the website www.a1technology.com for more information.

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