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HTML, the acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language is prevalent markup language used to create web pages. It is made of HTML elements like tags or labels with basic properties such as content and attributes. HTML can generate structured web documents and format them. HTML Developers at A-1 Technology utilizes its structural semantics to craft text with its headings, lists, quotes, paragraphs, footers, embedded objects and images and fashion interactive forms. It is also possible to add links and load/include scripts like JavaScript.

HTML Elements

Structural markup is concerned with text objective. Presentational markup involves text façade, irrespective of its function. With hypertext, A-1 Technology professionals add links to required documents sometimes with anchor element. Some of HTML attributes consist of id attribute to provide unique identifier, class attribute for classifying elements that are alike, style non-attributal codes and title attribute for adding subtextual description.

Benefits of hiring A-1 Technology's HTML developers:

  1. A-1 Technology HTML Developer is good in creating "sticky" websites to which viewers repeatedly come back.
  2. Establish rational base for creating well-presented, expressive documents.
  3. Viewers are able to enjoy hands-on experience.
  4. Enhance website accessibility during HTML Website Development.
  5. Enables our clients to get input and feedback from their target audience.
  6. During HTML Web Development for clients, our professionals are concerned with its coding to enable easy navigation and making websites user-friendly.
  7. HTML file is used to communicate with web browsers, Windows Registry entries, manipulate site cookies and web page objects and creation/ management/ deletion of files.
  8. Using script languages for influencing HTML processors such as Web browsers.

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