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A-1 Technology, Inc is a leading edge technology consulting firm and has a strong focus on delivering the best, cost-effective services and solutions. Being a global leader in Application Development, A-1 Technology is your right source for e-finance, e-business, healthcare, media and best Mobile Technology Development..

Client Relationship Manager

The job profile of a Client relationship manager in its broadest sense simply subsumes managing all client interactions. In practice, this requires using information about the client and prospects to more effectively interact with them in all the stages of our relationship with them.

A-1 list of CRM entails :

Ben Shalom CRM
Working with A-1 Technology
Location: San Francisco
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Richard SarnoCRM
Working with A-1 Technology from 2.5 years
Location: New York
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Craig FordCRM
Working with A-1 Technology from 3 years
Location: Los Angeles
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A Client Relationship Manager design a strategy that describes about client’s needs and behaviors in order to develop a stronger relationships with them. Good client relationships are the heart for business success. These strategies helps to bring together lots of information about client, sales, marketing effectiveness, responsiveness and market trends. Our team of CRM focus on actively managing client relations in an organized and strategic manner.

A-1 Technology ensure their favored client-base reaps the benefits of integrated technology applications. The Client’s Relationship Manager at A-1 Technology is responsible for advising the A-1 Technology team on possible approaches and client requirements. They provide their valuable feedback to client on business-technology overlap issues pertainin g to the project as well as the last point of escalation in case of unresolved issues.

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