True Benefits of Blogging



Most people till date think that blogs are just meant for personal use but after taking a glimpse of the benefits offered by blogs, we come to know that there are  number of advantages related to blogs. Some of the benefits offered by blogs are listed here:

1.       Real time discussion: The information that we get from blogs is usually week’s ahead of the press releases and newspapers because bloggers keep looking for new development areas to publish i.e. something which is very new. Discussions and interactions happen on the spot. So there is no delay of information sharing. Blogs act as Real time Forums and one may find answers to one’s queries with a fraction of a second.

2.       Back Links: Through blogging, you can find number of business partners together because people having different interests and thoughts are closely knit with each other.

3.       Regular readership: Blogging helps in gaining regular readership traffic. If a visitor comes to your blog and he likes the stuff, he can permanently subscribe the blog through RSS feeds.

4.       Boost Traffic: Blogs and RSS feeds can make excellent positive change in your web traffic. By adding new content to your site on a regular basis, you ensure that search engine’s spider crawls your site more often. Consistent updating the rich content matter of a keyword chosen by you gives you an added lead also by increasing the number of search terms or keywords that regularly show up in search results. 

5.       Research tool: Blogging is a very powerful tool to collect and aggregate research work, assignment information as well as a powerful means to gather and search the information collected by worldwide researchers. This phenomenon is known as Syndications and RSS is derived from this feature.

6.       Cheap Marketing: By Blogging you can raise your website profile and increase visits to your site. Like we are doing at 

7.       Easy Web Publishing Solution: Blog Softwares are easy to use. Updating the weblog is a faster process than seeking a web designer for various changes or managing the coding part and uploading it yourself.  

8.       Blogs as intranet: Blogs, in an intranet environment, can be an excellent way of sharing knowledge within the organization. You can have secure folders in which you can assign different access rights to different users of blog as per your requirement. You need to get yourself build on an application as to share your resources.

9.       Blogs as CMS: Blogs are best content management systems. You can upload videos files, photos, word documents, pdf files, anything you want to store. Navigation system of blogs is very strong as everything is categorized and for every entry there is a permanent link , every entry can be named with a keyword and in built search feature in blogs has made it simply cool to look for any records.


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